World Spirit Tarot Mini Kit

the_world_spirit_tarotWorld Spirit Tarot Mini Kit, Lauren O'Leary, www.tarot.nl, Koppenhol UitgeverijWorld Spirit Tarot Mini Kit, Lauren O'Leary, www.tarot.nl, Koppenhol UitgeverijWorld Spirit Tarot Mini Kit, Lauren O'Leary, www.tarot.nl, Koppenhol UitgeverijWorld Spirit Tarot Mini Kit, Lauren O'Leary, www.tarot.nl, Koppenhol Uitgeverij

Hand-colored linoleum block prints illustrate this unique deck which is also nonhierarchical and gender inclusive. The images reflect the authentic beauty of people who embody the qualities of their cards, from desperation and power to intimacy and joy.

People are the focus of this earthy but lighthearted tarot deck: people of every shape, age, hue and ethnicity. The World Spirit Tarot has recognisable and readable tarot scenes that were created by being carved out of lino, printed, then hand coloured. It isn't pretty art, as such, but it is lively, inclusive and joyful. First published in 2001 and now reprinted in 2006.


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€49,08 pro Stück Gewicht: 448 g
Breite: 91 MM
Länge: 127 MM
Höhe: 41 MM
Hersteller: Jessica Sczuka Godino & Lauren O'LearyJessica Sczuka Godino & Lauren O'Leary


78 cards + book
Llewellyn Publications
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he World Spirit is a truly beautiful deck and one that gives the clearest readings. Here's Why:

The Art - really stands out from other decks. The block print style makes for beautiful deep black lines and jewel-like colors. The colors are bright and vibrant but without being hard on the eyes. With some bright decks when you lay out more than three cards everything seems to swim and it's hard to make anything out. This deck has a nice balance and I haven't had trouble in this arena.

The Diversity - This is the mother of all diverse decks. Some diverse decks have an African suit and a Japanese suit etc, or feature the occasional ethnic person. Here you have every flavor of person sprinkled evenly throughout the deck. Also, where some decks make the same outline for every person and just use different crayons to color them in this one really this one makes everyone look like members of their race. Also there are a number of cards that feature folks of different races playing, very rare.

The Courts: Courts are Seer, Seeker, Sibyl, Sage, follows the system where the court levels are different ways of experiencing the suit's element. The whole deck is element heavy and will work well for people who relate to the cards in this way. Will be nigh impossible for those who have a wands/air, swords/fire outlook. bron; amazon.com

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