For the last 10 years I’ve read angel cards professionally. I absolutely love how insightful and accurate this tool can be but I’ve found that, even though the deck can be seen as magical, the real miracle is within you.

Working with an oracle tool requires some focus, but it also requires your ability to hold the space in positive and open-hearted way. Having the right approach to how you hold the space and, of course, the deck can have a huge impact on the outcome of the reading.

My experience doing readings professionally has taken me to some of the most insightful spaces in my personal practice, but like most people with their career, I’ve also faced challenges.

After working with my absolute favorite deck Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by the amazing Doreen Virtue for all of those years, I decided to create my own deck using my method and my modern view of the angels.

People always say, “Surely picking cards can’t be that difficult?” and the truth is, it’s not. However, I have found that the angels direct YOU not the cards – they become the bridge that you cross in order for your consciousness to meet the energy of your angel that really is within the here and now.

It’s as if your angel cards become the springboard to help your mind reach where your heart already lies. The truth is that you are constantly in connection with your angel. It’s just your ego mind that convinces you otherwise; its main aim is to say, “You are separate,” but as A Course in Miracles would say, “The Holy Spirit’s voice is as loud as your willingness to listen.” And for me, I read that as the angelic force that surrounds you.

Here are my tips to accessing the guidance of the angels through angel cards:

  • Have a clear mind and body
    One of the major in my eyes is beginning to read angel cards when you’re under the influence of alcohol or have overeaten. Having a clear mind and body is so important because it allows you to really tune into the guidance of your intuition and the messages it sends through the physical you. I know many people have a few glasses of wine with their friends and then say, “Let’s get the cards out,” because it’s seen as “fun”. Even though angel readings can be fun, this is serious spiritual growth here: you wouldn’t turn up to a yoga class or prayer circle intoxicated, so why do it with your deck?
  • Clear the Space
    The space in which you do your reading is important too. Having a clear space allows you to have a clear mental space. Tidy up, put out the trash, avoid clutter. Creating a positive space is easy: air out the room, light candles and incense, and read your cards on a scarf or table that you feel really connected with.
  • Take your time
    There’s no point rushing through a session, so if you know you’ve got to be somewhere in 20 minutes, avoid starting it completely. When your mind knows you have to be somewhere, it will rush past things and you may end up missing some important divine intervention with your soul and your angels!
  • Less is more
    Complicated card spreads can overcomplicate the experience. I’ve found reading a spread that is simple, in straight lines from left to right really helped me get the hang of what’s going on. Once you’ve got more experience with your cards, then you can begin to try new things. Having less cards and more time on them allows you to continue diving in for more information. In private sessions, I generally pick just 9 cards for the main session and it always gives me more than enough.
  • Raise the vibration
    Having a high-energy feeling is seriously the best way to get things started. If you’re not feeling entirely yourself or in your body it’s important to shift that. One of my favorite ways to raise energy is put on music that makes me feel positive and uplifted. I recommend getting on some fun-loving positive music on and giving your body a shimmy-shake: it will do the trick.
  • Invoke protection
    Feeling safe also has a great impact on your spiritual connection, so to feel connected and safe in the experience, call on spiritual support that suits you. If you feel more connected to a particular Archangel or Holy Icon imagine that their energy is with you and say a short prayer like, “Thank you [their name] for joining me in this space and for protecting me during this angel card session!”
  • Tune in
    Angel card sessions are about connecting with you and your angels and the wisdom they have to offer so it’s important to have them involved in the whole session. When I start my session, I place both my hands on the cards and say my favorite two angel prayers, “Thank you Angels for reminding me of your presence!” and “Thank you Angels for revealing to me what I need to know!” Then I take several deep breaths and allow the prayers to draw the angels close.
  • Focus on strength
    One of the main reasons many of us consult an angel deck is because we are feeling negative about a situation or we’re asking about something we feel like we are lacking. Angel readings are supposed to be empowering sessions to open the heart and to illuminate areas that love is evident and present within our lives. Allow the cards to show you the blessings and strengths you already have. By focusing on these areas, you will gain the inner guidance to overcome the areas that are lacking support.

Kyle Gray

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