Lenormand Cheat Cheet






The Rider 9 of Hearts Good news, exciting, male energy
2 The Clover 6 of Diamonds Lucky, quickening, clearing/cleansing
The Ship 10 of Spades Travel, foreign, progress
The House King of Hearts Home, family, stability
The Tree 7 of Hearts Longevity, health, ancestry
The Clouds King of Clubs Depression/mood, lightening, confusing/clarifying, fear/hope
The Snake Queen of Clubs Betrayal, caution, indirect
8 The Coffin 9 of Diamonds Endings, finality, release
9 The Flowers Queen of Spades Friendschip, romance, gift
10 The Scythe Jack of Diamonds Cutting, ending, harvesting
11 The Whips Jack of Clubs Repetition, argument, punishment, hurry
12 The Birds 7 of Diamonds Chatter, gossip, communication
13 The Child Jack of Spades Small, young, innocent
14 The Fox 9 of Clubs Creative, cunning, opportunistic
15 The Bear 10 of Clubs Strength, protection, abundance
16 The Stars 6 of Hearts Destiny, guidance, inspiration, spirituality
17 The Stork Queen of Hearts Relocation, new beginning, fresh start
18 The Dog 10 of Hearts Trustworthy, loyal, friendship
19 The Tower 6 of Spades Isolation, higher up, formality, law/ethics
20 The Garden 8 of Spades Public, open, social
21 The Mountain 8 of Clubs Obstruction, challenge, difficulty, delay
22 The Roads Queen of Diamonds Decision/indecision, choices, options
23 The Mice 7 of Clubs Anxiety, worry, stress
24 The Heart Jack of Hearts Love, emotions, romance, relationships
25 The Ring Ace of Clubs Promise, Contract, engagement, commitment
26 The Book 10 of Diamonds Hidden, secret, private
27 The Letter 7 of Spades Written communication, contracts in writing, documentation
28 The Man Ace of Hearts The significant male in the querent's life
29 The Woman Ace of Spades The significant female in the querent's life
30 The Lilies King of Spades Stress, relaxation, sexuality, elderly
31 The Sun Ace of Diamonds Succes, power, happiness
32 The Moon 8 of Hearts Dreams, hopes, aspirations, vocation
33 The Key 8 of Diamonds Solution, tools, missing puzzle piece
34 The Fish King of Diamonds Money, flow, abundance, gain
35 The Anchor 9 of Spades Safety, security, work, roots
36 The Cross 6 of Clubs Burden, karma, pattern, religion


Life is a set of pictures...

Life is a set of pictures. When we change our worn-out associations with these pictures, we change ourselves and, inadvertently, the world oround us!


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