Inner Compass - Love cards will guide you to embrace and uphold your birthright of giving and receiving love, helping you to create healthy relationships for yourself and your community. 

The cards are the portal to universal love. Through embracing actionable opportunity, they help you create self-awareness and personal growth. In the end, we believe that everyone is capable of building relationships based on unconditional love. Inner Compass - Love cards lead us to those clear spaces in which we can give and receive love fully. Not just romantic love, but the all-encompassing love that is our birthright as living beings. Each card offers self-guidance, self-reflection and aspirational growth to amplify love and compassion for yourself and the community around you. The cards will guide you on a daily basis or whenever you have a question on a specific situation as it relates to matters of emotion, affection and interaction with others. Inner Compass - Love cards are your internal guide for all relationships in your life.

How do Inner Compass - Love cards work?

With the exponential rise of technology, we become increasingly isolated, lonely and unfulfilled seeking companionship and community. Our lives are filled with distraction and disorientation - having lost touch with our emotional desires. Over time, confused by the constant societal noise and expectation, we forget our primary purpose - true human connection - to love and be loved. Inner Compass - Love cards challenge that noise awakening opportunities and situations to invoke true and conscious connections. 

By picking cards blindly you tap directly into your intuition - your mind is nonessential to this process. The outcome of this practice is a direct message that suits your present moment or situation. Inner Compass - Love cards will guide you through complicated issues, generating thoughtful insights and life lessons immediately.

Inner Compass - Love cards make it easy and accessible to cut through the societal noise.By utilizing your own subconscious, you can bring your attention back to those components that you value most in connection to others. 

The cards invite you to transform dissatisfaction and fear-based beliefs into trust-based actions rooted in love and longevity - awakening your relationships into healing opportunities to amplify love, growth, and radiance.

Most people go through life distracted, having lost touch with what they really want out of their relationship with themselves and others. Over time, confused by the constant demands and expectations around them they become disconnected, withdrawn, lonely and discouraged.  Inner Compass - Love cards encourage you to find your own meaningful direction and will guide you back to your true path. 

Would others respond differently if you were willing to speak from a place of compassion?

What unique and interesting community would your authentic self belong to?

How would the relationships with family, friends, or lovers change if you were guided by your inner compass?

What are Inner Compass - Love cards?

Inner Compass - Love cards offer an accessible and comprehensible practice to promote clarity and guidance surrounding relationships, love and compassion.  Your subconscious mind is twenty times greater than your conscious mind. Inner Compass - Love cards will magnify the power of your own intuition and steer your subconscious toward love, lucidity and connection. The cards kindle and explore your subconscious connecting the desires of your heart with your mind. 

The deck consists of 49 thoughtfully designed cards containing artfully curated and inspirational imagery paired with specific language. Both the cards as the accompanying booklet are there to guide you on your journey toward connection and intimacy. We believe in creating a mindful and sustainable product; therefore, each card is printed on high quality, viable paper containing a single, focused word paired with a thought-provoking artful image. Each card contains many layers of symbolism rooted our planet’s most sacred philosophies for your subconscious to unpack. 

There is no limit to the depth that you can go.  The booklet we have provided for you will support you on every step of your personal journey - each time you read a card's meaning your mind picks up on a new perspective or solution. The booklet contains an introduction with suggested uses for the cards that are easy and approachable - we like to keep it simple because life is complicated enough!

Like much of our global community, this entire project is eclectic in nature and inspiration was pulled from philosophy, science, psychology, imagery, and ancient wisdom of Mayan culture, Taoism, Buddhism, and the I Ching.

By arranging and categorizing these sources along a specific algorithm, one card contains many levels of depth and interconnectedness for you to explore and expand your relationships within your immediate circle and beyond!

How to use the deck

There is no right or wrong way to use Inner Compass - Love cards - they are all rooted in your personal intuition! Some like to use the cards daily, as part of their morning ritual. Others might pick a card periodically to shed light on an urgent issue or a question that is lurking them. There are times where we have pulled a card as we were walking out the door with our coat on - there are no rules with Inner Compass cards!

Sometimes, the cards will appear as that reassuring friend who confirms that you are headed in the right direction.  Other times, you might need them to help to find a way out of a situation or relationship. Maybe you just want to leave it open-ended, letting any associations come freely upon drawing a card. The cards never lie.

Whatever the motive, after shuffling the deck with your compassion and intention - blindly pick one or more cards and witness your intuition guiding you toward new perspectives and connections. It is impossible to choose the wrong card: the right one will always present itself!

The cards offer clarity and conviction to our disconnected mind and heart. This is not the territory of any rational, logical, analytical brain. This is the ability to think and feel intuitively, to take action in our lives.  By letting these archetypal motives prime your subconsciousness you will learn the true potential of your inner compass.  Over time, you will unravel the deeper layers of every card by referencing the accompanying booklet and applying it to your own research and development.

Anyone can do this - easily - effortlessly - effectually - insightfully - blissfully.

 Why I started Inner Compass cards

It was through my own personal experiences and journey toward personal transformation that I proudly share that through working with these cards - I have found my right track, my yellow brick road, my map to treasure and I would like you to find it too! 

Or be reminded to stay on it and grow exponentially, when you have already found it…

I strongly believe in a proactive start to the day as a way to invite prosperity, love and light into our daily lives, instead of waking up and directly reacting to things that do not embody you emotionally or physically.

Most of our known inspiring leaders, sages and philosophers choose consciously to start every day with self-awareness and light from within, without being distracted by the outside world.

This is my gift to the ever growing and shifting energy of the world.

Where we have been

The idea of creating this transformational tool came the moment I realized how the daily use of spiritual 'oracle cards' had managed to change my life fundamentally and positively. By drawing a card every morning after (or instead of) meditation, I focused my attention on my life. I became aware of the parts that were serving me and those that were holding me back. Within weeks, I wanted to share this epiphany with everyone in my community, but the decks that were available were esoteric and focused on spirituality, which would not resonate with everyone. Inherently, I knew that  the time had come for a new kind of inspiration deck with a completely new aesthetic, style, images and accessible tone of voice. I began gathering themes and before I even noticed, I was categorizing the material and writing texts about each card. And getting very, very inspired and enthusiastic!

From then the project grew like a seed grows into a tree: organically and intuitively. 

The topics and the writing came by themselves. Only when I felt the moment was right, did I act to follow my gut, and one day I connected with the perfect designer.  Together we created a huge research project and curated the highest aesthetic, emotion, and depth for the original deck.   After a while we became so connected that she would create visuals that I had imagined without communication. We came to many, many layers for each card, making sure that the Inner Compass - Love cards always grow with you.  Even after using them for the next ten years, you will still find new levels, insights and interconnectednessIt was through this same process, that we have created Inner Compass cards.

The Team

As this product grew organically, our team grew as well. It began with the always curious, analytical singleness of me.  While walking my own path gathering an abundance of insights along my journeys and through my relationships, I found a way to incorporate them into a tangible, yet esoteric concept. I then condensed that into 49 cards.

Then, I came to a crossroads where I was ready for visual support for the esoteric themes. At that moment, I met Fanny and through her, Johanneke. They come together as Aore Studiosa high-end graphic design studio based in Amsterdam. They were able to translate the visual inside my mind into breathtaking images for all to see. Our great creative minds think alike!

Larissa is our editor and translator.  Another deeply connected, conscious creative being, she excels at whatever she chooses to do - which is pretty much everything. A matter of enjoyment, perseverance and perfectionism, as she calls it herself. She is extremely connected to the conscious themes of the cards.

Next to handling all things Public Relations, our US agent, Maggie embodies the true bohemian spirit.  An interdisciplinary anthropologist and writer, who has taken her love and highly-motivated drive for success to the fields of wellness and spirituality.  She helps with all things creative, whether it be concepting and directing a video to proof-reading and copy editing the English version of the Inner Compass - Love cards.

For more about Neel, click the 'profile' button, top left.

From left to right: Neel (author + founder), Johanneke (designer), Maggie (copy editor), Fanny (designer), Lianne (executive), Larissa (editor + translator)From left to right: Neel (author + founder), Johanneke (designer), Maggie (copy editor), Fanny (designer), Lianne (executive), Larissa (editor + translator)

Why we need your support

We invite all those who choose to embrace, uphold, and enjoy their relationships consciously.  We are not a fancy, corporate publishing company with endless resources or reach. We are homegrown in Amsterdam, where it all began with just one woman and her mission to share her secret to personal-growth and well-being. She reached out to the like-minded creatives to hop on board to help share and steer this project to success.   We’ve spent the past six months conceptualizing, creating and cultivating this card deck into reality.  We look forward to growing in love with our global community. As the Beatles put it so graciously....ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.

With honesty, we can confirm that the first year of Inner Compass cards has been profitable, allowing us to grow our team and expand our platform to focus on love and relationships. However, producing a self-published, sustainable and small business supporting card deck calls for large investments. This is why we need your support.

How we will allocate your contributions:

  • Finalizing the deck designs and texts 
  • Additional round of editing and proofreading
  • Printing the deck 
  • Publishing it and make universal wisdom available for everyone.
  • Translate the content to the Inner Compass app for IOS and Android. The app makes it possible to carry the deck with you on your phone.

Other details

Dimensions of the box: approx. 7.5 x 5.5 x 1.1 inches or 19 x 14 x 2.8 cm Dimensions of a card: approx. 5 x 3.5 inches or 12.7 x 8.9 cm

Retail price will be 40 Euros at global launch, but backers will be offered pricing as low as 25 for early backers and up to 35 for late backers.

Available languages for the first edition: English and Dutch

Exponential thanks to my amazing teammates who embody my sound and vision instinctively to make this campaign possible: Maggie for directing and filming - Haley for editing - Glen for sharing your ethereal sounds - Fanny and Johanneke for the amazingly stunning work you have done thus  far with putting my visuals on paper - Larissa and Maggie (again) for intuitively editing my words wisely - last but not least, Lianne, thank you for being the talented you!

Risks and challenges

With confidence, we can say that we have helped more than ten thousand people shift, grow and expand their consciousness through using Inner Compass cards daily.

To the philosopher, we may say that our concept is proven. With pride, we can say that we grew exclusively by word of mouth and the spirit of community.

With honesty, we can confirm that the first year of Inner Compass cards has been profitable, allowing us to grow our team and expand our platform to focus on love and relationships. However, producing a self-published, sustainable and small business supporting card deck calls for large investments. This is why we need your support.

The content, structure and interconnectedness of the 49 cards are already devised, the design direction envisioned, and the right people for the job have been lined up. By now, we have enough experience in house to know the right path and how to overcome any unexpected obstacles. What remains is composing and finalizing the remaining cards by diving deeper into their symbolism and finalizing the texts for the accompanying guide, followed by production and shipping.

Production and shipping will be simple, we will follow the same model as the first edition Inner Compass cards - we created a sturdy, artfully aesthetic box that would fit conveniently in your mailbox and rest exquisitely on your coffee table. We won’t add any unnecessary or complicated rewards that would potentially delay our project. We want you to enjoy the enrichment and gifts that engaging with Inner Compass - Love cards offers as soon as possible.

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Life is a set of pictures. When we change our worn-out associations with these pictures, we change ourselves and, inadvertently, the world oround us!

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