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Trek een kaart

What question do you have today? 

Draw your day card and give more direction to your life. What keeps you busy? What do you want to know more about? Or are you just curious? A day card can already give you an insight. You do not have to believe in the cards, to have studied it, or to have special spiritual gifts to read the cards. The oracle-card does not tell you how to live or what to do exactly. The oracle can be seen as a direction indicator, but you decide whether and what you do with it. 

Welcome to the Work Your Light™ Oracle

There is a field of consciousness where all wisdom resides. A field where all of the answers to all of the questions that you could possible fathom live. A field where past, present, and future exist simultaneously. Where the wisdom of the heavens and Earth calls you by name. Where what you are seeking is also seeking you. A field where all soul contracts, history, and guidance whisper eternal. A field where the book of your soul is open for you to flick through.

The Work Your Light Oracle was created to help you connect with this wisdom. To hear the whispers of your soul, to tap into this collective field, to access and increase your psychic senses, to bring your life into alignment. To surrender back to the rhythm of the Universe. If you want a six-pack, you need to work out your abs; the same goes for your soul. If you want to hear the whispers clearly, you’ve got to show up and listen! If you want to deepen your relationship with the subtle realms, you need to commit to spending more time with your soul. If you want to light up the room with your presence, you’ve got to turn on your light daily. If you want your life to be in alignment with the mysterious force that governs all of life, you’ve got to work your light on a regular basis.

This may sound obvious and simple, but many people miss it. They see spirituality as something fluffy, something intangible. The trick to strengthening your intuitive muscles is to be disciplined and to work them.When you regularly work your light, you will find that you hear your intuition more and more clearly. With each passing week, its whispers get louder and louder. The visions become stronger and stronger. And you begin getting more and more confident.

When you are devoted to spending more time with your soul, and letting it guide your days, you will find that you are living a life that is in alignment with who you are at soul level, and that you light up the world with your unique presence. You fall into flow with all of life. You serve the world just by being you. I call it working your light, and this deck was created to help you do just that.

© Work Your Light, Rebecca Campbell 


Life is a set of pictures...

Life is a set of pictures. When we change our worn-out associations with these pictures, we change ourselves and, inadvertently, the world oround us!


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