Visconti Sforza Tarot Deck, Pierpont Morgan

visconti_sforzavisconti sforza tarot; ISBN 9780913866061; Stuart R. Kaplan; Koppenhol Uitgeverijvisconti sforza tarot; ISBN 9780913866061; Stuart R. Kaplan; Koppenhol Uitgeverijvisconti sforza tarot; ISBN 9780913866061; Stuart R. Kaplan; Koppenhol Uitgeverijvisconti sforza tarot; ISBN 9780913866061; Stuart R. Kaplan; Koppenhol Uitgeverij

A reproduction of 74 tarot cards that were painted in the fifteenth century, the scenes in the Visconti-Sforza Tarot are authentically medieval. The cards are not titled (there is no text on the cards at all), and four cards have been recreated to make the full 78-card deck. 35 of the original cards are archived at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York. The remaining exctant cards are located in Italy, at the Accademia Carrara and the Casa Colleoni.

Wist je dat het Viconti-Sforza-deck gemaakt werd ter herinnering aan een huwelijk tussen leden van de familie Visconti en de familie Sforza. Sommige mensen zeggen dat de bruid en de bruidegom uitgebeeld worden door het stelletje dat te zien is op de kaart De Geliefden.


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List of the comments:
I'm sure we're all aware of the Visconti Gold tarot with the foil reproduced by A. Atanassov, but it is the Visconti Sforza Pierpoint Morgan truly sets the standards and the origin of the past and present tarot cards.

There is no wishful thinking of so-called Occultic mysteries and attempts to find shallow relevances to Egyptian, Indian, Gypsy-Atlantean tradition etc. These cards were the first "official" tarot card deck made, and it sets the standard and the original look of our modern decks. They were made NOT for divination or mystical goals, but for simple gambling. (Not to be confused with the French Gringonneur deck of playing cards at the court of Charles in 1392).

These beautiful cards are larger than the size of our modern tarot, simply because the medieval necessity of fancy decorations sorrounded that weighs more than convenient shuffling. A hole has been punched in all cards, and two of the cards (Tower and Devil) were added in the modern reproduction. However, it is quite possible that both missing cards were never there in the first place, due to the religious and political controversy that surrounds these gambling cards. By taking historically comparing these late 15th century cards to modern cards, one is able to appreciate the beauty and changes in detail that has been embedded in many of our modern tarot cards. Such as the Fool, that later tarot decks added a sun; the Hermit, has been replaced from holding an hourglass to a lantern; Coins became the Neo-Pagan pentacles; batons served as magical wands. Temperance was originally a female pouring water from one vase to another, yet became a nude female pouring waters to both sea and land in modern decks, and so on.

The cards have no titles, no numerical alphabetical allegories (since Comte De Mellet first established the infamous 22 Hebrew letters to the tarot, not Eliphas Levi), which makes their outlook more authentic, yet may be more complicated for a tarot beginner. Their background is a simple reddish brown/maroon color, and they must be shuffled from the sides rather than the top for convenience. In my opinion, these are the "true" and original tarot that many of us may be looking for. They set the standards and values to modern tarot decks and their designs.

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