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The first step to becoming a competent diviner is to select a tarot deck and connect with it. 

Whether you're seeking your first taste of spiritual guidance or you just want to expand your collection, there's a tarot deck out there for you. Tarot decks come in many shapes (round, square, rectangular) and sizes. Dozens of tarot decks are yours for the choosing, including decks bases on subjects as varied as whimsy, Russian history, and literature. 

If you're looking for more options of beautifully artistic, welltraveled, or out-of-this-world tarot cards, read on...

Are not you looking for complete tarot decks but just for spiritual cards you can find them on our website.


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Tarot, what does the name mean?

According to Webster's Third International Dictionary, the word tarot has Middle French and Old Italian roots. Tarot is defined as "Any set of 22 playing cards consisting of a joker plus 21 cards depicting vices, virtues, and elemental forces used in fortune-telling and as trump, a suit of cards that outrank other cards, in tarok, taroc, or tarocchi games." Tarok, taroc, or tarocchi is a card game that was developed in Fourteenth-Century Italy. The game was played with 78 cards, 22 of which were used as trumps. 

Shopping your tarot decks

Tarot decks come in many shapes (round, square, rectangular) and sizes. Dozens of tarot decks are yours for choosing, including decks based on subjects as varied as whimsy (the Whimsical Tarot and Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot), Russian history (Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg), and literature (the Arthurian, Lord of the Rings, and Wonderland Tarot decks).

You can still find copies of the tarot decks of antiquity. The Visconti-sforza, Cary-Yale Visconti and Tarot of Marseille shouldn't be missed.

You don't have to read tarot but do collect card decks solely for their artistic beauty. If you're a lover of art, consider the following:

  • The Sacred Rose Tarot is influenced by Byzantine icons and the rose motif, symbol of Western iconography
  • Renaissance art depicting Greek and Roman deities appears in the Renaissance Tarot
  • The late-Nineteenth-Century Art Nouveau is shown in the Art Nouveau Tarot.
  • Art Deco is seen in Palladini's Aquarian Tarot.
  • Individuals drawn to surrealism will like the Haindl, Tarot of the Witches, and Navigators of the Mystic Sea decks.
  • Fans of Salvador Dali should peruse the amazing Dali Tarot. If you're intrigued by Hieronymus Bosch, the The Bosch Tarot is a compilation of his strange and imaginative paintings.

If you like collage, the Voyager Tarot could be your deck of choice. Or, if goth is your passion, you may be drawn by the Vampire Tarot.  

Life is a set of pictures...

Life is a set of pictures. When we change our worn-out associations with these pictures, we change ourselves and, inadvertently, the world oround us!


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