The Chiromancian of mrs Indira


A sealed set of Grimaud’s beautiful fortune telling cards, “Le Chiromancien de Madame Indira,” published c.1985. The deck describes itself as an “initiation” into both fortune telling generally and palmistry in particular. The deck has 36 suited cards – the cards of a “standard” 32-card playing card deck, plus 4 new court cards called “maidens.” All cards except the Aces have an insert card that is the palm of a hand with lines to read. The cards are accompanied by a booklet in English and French that explains how to read the cards – for general fortune telling and for palmistry. The cards are extremely large, measuring 160mm x 99mm.

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€35,85 each Weight: 240 g
Width: 78 mm
Length: 126 mm
Height: 23 mm

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36 Cards
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