Who Buys Counterfeit Tarot Decks Now?

There are, in general, two groups of people who buy counterfeit tarot decks. People who are not yet familiar with the tarot world and are tempted by a “good” offer, for example via AliExpress, Wish, or eBay. And people who shrug their shoulders and who do not care that the cards are of poor quality. They just want to have a deck and don’t think about the consequences of their choice.

Three Reasons To Buy Original Decks

Why buy an original deck when the counterfeit version is much cheaper? (For example, only USD 10 / €11.86 instead of USD 30 / €25.29). There are three good reasons for this:

1. You support the makers of the tarot deck.
If you support the makers (author and illustrator), they can make new decks again. This is especially true for Indie decks.

2. The quality is much, much better
Cheaply produced tarot decks only last a short time. In addition, the cards do not feel the same (soft instead of firm) and the details are less sharp. Your readings can lose power and meaning as a result.

3. Negative energy can be attached to the cards
You may be familiar with the (positive) energy that honestly produced cards carry. Counterfeit decks may have received a foreign or negative energy during the production process. You are using “stolen art” and this never gives a positive vibration.

How do you know if a tarot deck is counterfeit?

There are three things to keep in mind if you want to buy an original deck.

1. The price
If the price sounds “too good to be true,” it usually is. If you find the original deck at a fraction of the price on sites such as AliExpress, Wish, or even small “specialist” stores, chances are you are dealing with a counterfeit version of the deck. Keep in mind that this can be different with Indie decks. If an Indie deck finds its way to the general public through a publisher, the price falls because the circulation increases.

2. Quality and dimensions
An original tarot deck is of good quality, and the cards are often larger than their counterfeit variants. You can find the correct dimensions on our site in the product information (see “extra information). In addition, you can watch (YouTube) videos about the deck to see what the cards should look like in terms of color, size, and quality of the cards.

3. The packaging
Original tarot decks have an ISBN, the name of the author and / or illustrator, the name of the publisher and where the deck was made. With counterfeit tarot decks, little attention is frequently paid to the packaging. When you look at it, you often get the feeling that something is not right. These are often thin, simple boxes. There is no text on the boxes, so the deck can be sold in many different countries. A QR code on the box can (very well!) Indicate that it is a counterfeit deck. Counterfeit boxes often consist of one piece, while original decks have a box with a lid. And counterfeit boxes open differently than original boxes.

Through reviews and social media, you can find out whether a deck is fake or real. So do your research first if you have any doubts about the deck you want to buy.

Decks that are often copied

A deck that is frequently copied is the Wild Unknown Tarot deck. There are so many editions of it that it is difficult to keep track of which ones are original and which are counterfeit. Therefore, the first and second editions are out of print. Other decks with many counterfeit versions in circulation are the Rider Waite tarot, Smith Waite Centennial Tarot, Starman Tarot, Witches Tarot, Shadowscapes Tarot and Pagan Otherworlds (UUSI). At tarot.nl we only sell the original version of these decks.

What can you do?

Simple: don’t buy counterfeit tarot decks! Do not like or link any of these decks and share your experiences on social media if you have unexpectedly bought a counterfeit deck. Also remember to alert the artist or author that a counterfeit version of his / her deck is in circulation. Don’t be tempted by “great offers” either. And finally, encourage others to purchase decks from trusted stores or sites, such as tarot.nl.

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