The Essence

Eagle comes from the east, the place of the rising sun, of new beginnings. She soars high in the sky, sees the smallest detail with clarity without losing track of the bigger picture, and nests in the high mountains. For Eagle, there are no obstacles, only opportunities. She calls you to ascend, to acquire perspective, so you can fly wing to wing with Great Spirit.

The Invitation

Have you become trapped in your daily routine and feel you do not know where to go and what to do next? Have you lost your sense of purpose? Eagle invites you to take a deep breath and spread your wings. When was the last time you opened them? Eagle reminds you that your spirit was born to soar to the heavens. As you contemplate choices, ask yourself: “Do I want to live in a chicken coup, sheltered from life, counting the regular feedings, or do I want to soar like an eagle?” If your answer is the latter, then you must accept Eagle’s invitation and embrace the courage that will help you choose freedom.

The Medicine

It is time to see through the eyes of Eagle. Let your vision of the whole and of its parts become laser-like, and set your priorities straight. What did you come to do in this life? Did you come to climb up the ladder of financial or social success? Did you come to become a better person, to heal your heart, and to realize your essential self? What is your divine mission here on Earth?
No more excuses. Of course, you do not have enough time, enough money, or enough sleep . . . Yet the time is now to fly to your chosen purpose. If you postpone it, you are betraying yourself. Look through the eyes of Eagle and consider every obstacle an opportunity. Where you set your intention is where you’ll end up. Free yourself and live your highest destiny. Fly!

© Het Mystieke Sjamanen Orakelkaarten set, Colette Baron-Reid, Marcella Lobos, Alberto Villoldo

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