The Pagan Otherworlds


What’s Keeping You going? Where Would You Like to Know More About? Or Are You Just Curious?

A tarot, Lenormand or oracle day card can already give you insight. You don’t have to believe in tarot, have studied it or have special spiritual gifts to read it. The card does not tell you how to live or what to do exactly. The card can be seen as a direction blinker, but you decide if and what to do with it. You draw a day card only once a day, preferably at a fixed time. Use the card as an inspiration card, as a message for the day.

Drawing a card is very simple: Click on the card and your unique card for the day will appear. Let the text and image work in on you and decide for yourself which elements or message you want to get out of it.

The tarot has been around for centuries, but is still topical. The cards show you what is going on in your unconscious. They are mirrors of the soul. Do you dare to look? Finally a tip: place this page with your Favorites, so you can easily draw a card every day.

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