Now is the time when the Indie decks get the attention they deserve. As we are a web shop, we are always on the look out for unique tarot decks. We love the beautifully designed decks that dazzle us with their brilliance of colour and yet they maintain simplicity. Intrinsically, we have an awareness for the deeper messages and meanings of the cards. But, what are Indie decks actually?

Unconventional Decks

These decks are designed by independent illustrators and designers. The love for tarot and art, runs through their veins and they are keen to show this. This gift allows them to make remarkable and stunning illustrations. The designers present their personal interpretation of the tarot form and content, in a distinctive way.

What Makes Indie Tarot Decks Different


Indie decks are different from other tarot decks. The designers are independent, and have printed the decks themselves. The circulation is relatively small – 500 to 1000 sets and a great deal of attention is paid to the quality of the decks. This makes the price higher than sets offered by a publisher. The designers themselves have control over the publication process. He or she often look for investors through crowdfunding to actually get the cards published. Sometimes a deck starts as an Indie deck and is then discovered by a publisher. Prime examples are The Wild Unknown Tarot and The Moon Deck.

Please take a look at the Instagram page #indiedeckreview. You will find reviews (in the English language) about new Indie decks. And of course check out, where we gladly provide a channel for extraordinary (Indie) decks!

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