Save for discounts with every order has a handy savings system where you can save for nice discounts!

If you place an order at TAROT.NL you will automatically save points. As soon as you have saved enough points, you can exchange them for your next order.

You can earn points from our webshop in the following ways:
  • Place a review: for placing a review on a product you will receive 12 loyalty points per review
  • Place an order: for placing a new order you will earn loyalty points. For every € 1,- you spend you will receive 1 benefit point.
What is the value of my loyalty points?
  • The value of 1 loyalty point is € 0.025.
  • For each € 1,- you spend on our website you will receive 1 loyalty point worth € 0,025.
Redeeming your benefit points

You can redeem your loyalty points for a discount on the checkout page.

Shopping Points cannot be redeemed for cash. Shopping Points can only be redeemed for products in our webshop. Shopping Points can only be deducted from the subtotal. Shopping Points will not be deducted from shipping costs.

Minimum and maximum number of loyalty points

You can already start to redeem your loyalty points from 50. This is equal to a value of €1,25. The maximum number of loyalty points you can accumulate is 10,000 points. This is equal to a value of €250. Above that amount it is not possible to continue saving until you have redeemed the points.

Viewing your balance

When you log in to your account you will see an overview of your benefit points.

Validity of loyalty points

Points will lose their validity after 1 year. Points will expire in the order of saving. For example: When you order from 1 January 2021 you will have saved 20 points, these 20 points will expire on 1 January 2022.


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