Golden Tarot of Klimt


<p>Golden Tarot of Klimt<p>

<p>In twentieth century Vienna, the art of Gustav Klimt held a primary position. Inspired by this modern master, Golden Tarot of Klimt is teeming with impressions, stamped in gold, that recount love, death, sensuality, and regeneration.<p>

<p>An absolutely stunning art deck that is also a potent tool for divination and meditation. Includes 78 gold-accented Tarot cards and an instructional booklet. This deck has full frontal nudity (male and female).<p>

<p>The art of Gustav Klimt (1862-1918), filled with symbolism, passion and eroticism, have become so popular that they appear everywhere, from posters on college students walls to coffee mugs, from stained glass imitations to ceramic tile. His piece, ''The Kiss,'' is virtually iconic and his painting of Adele Bloch-Bauer sold for $135 million in 2006, the highest price ever for a painting.<p>

<p>Klimt combined graphic techniques with pictorial ones, flaunting conventions of the time, perhaps in anticipation of Weimar Germany that began a year after his death. Besides his mastery of inventive art.<p>

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€7,50 each Weight: 86 g
Width: 65 mm
Length: 113 mm
Height: 17 mm
Brand: Viona IelegemsViona Ielegems


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