Oculi Occultati tarot


Limited to 900 numbered copies

150 × 107 mm (box dimensions: 154 × 111 × 45 mm) 78 card tarocchi deck, and letterpress limitation card, in a playing card box.

The Oculi Occultati tarot is an enchanting and highly original work by Polish artist Radomił Bogusławski, comprising a complete set of 78 cards. The deck is notable for the striking contrast between the black and white major arcana and the luminosity of the minor arcana, each suit distinguished by a different colour – yellow Wands, blue Cups, pink Swords and green Pentacles. The tarot is named for the closed eyes of the dreaming figures that populate its hermetic universe.

The Oculi Occultati tarot has been printed in large format on 400 gsm card in a limited and numbered edition of 900 decks.

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€72,00 each Weight: 600 g
Width: 110 mm
Length: 170 mm
Height: 40 mm

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78-card deck
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