Royo Dark Tarot


The Royo Dark Tarot is born from the ashes of the Black Tarot, as illustrated by Luis Royo and first published by Fournier in 1998. At the same time it is an evolution and the completion of its parent deck.
The years between the Black Tarot and the Roya Dark Tarot have seen a powerful artistic and conceptual growth in the Spanish artist. Considered among the greatests, if not the greatests, master of Dark Fantasy art, Royo represents a violent and cruel universe where torment and bliss, poetry and desperation are difficult to conceive one without the other.

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€21,00 each Weight: 224 g
Width: 68 mm
Length: 124 mm
Height: 35 mm
Brand: Luis RoyoLuis Royo

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78 kaarten + handleiding
English, German, French, Spaans, Italiaans
Lo Scarabeo
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