The Celtic Dragon Tarot


Celtic Dragon Tarot, Dragons soar in a fabulous, fiery tarot

Once upon a time, when folk believed in unicorns and griffins and fire-breathing serpents that flew across the sky, mapmakers wrote "here be the dragons" across unexplored territory.
Like the unknown lands of centuries past, the tarot and magick still have uncharted areas to be explored. With the incandescent beauty of dragons, enchantingly captured by fantasy illustrator Lisa Hunt, you can illuminate the traditional tarot path of self-discovery in a unique way.
In the Celtic Dragon Tarot, Wiccan author D.J. Conway reveals how to meet you "personal dragon," undergo "dragon initiation"in meditation, and infuse your tarot readings and candle magick with the potent elemental energies of the dragon.
As you set off on your personal adventure into realms unknown, let the legendary power and wisdom of the dragon guide you.

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€28,95 each Weight: 726 g
Width: 152 mm
Length: 228 mm
Height: 57 mm
Brand: D.J. ConwayD.J. Conway


78-card deck and 240-page full color book
Llewellyn Publications
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