Rebuilding a Broken Relationship?

Consult These Tarot Cards!

How do you get to know yourself best? Through the relationships you have with others! Relationships can bring you joy, support, and a sense of belonging. However, when a relationship is not going well, it can give you a real knock. Whether the break-up is temporary or permanent, you may feel confused, alone, frustrated or torn. But you don’t have to feel this way. You have the power to change the situation.

There are a number of important tarot cards that may appear when you are suffering from a broken relationship. By finding out what caused the problems, you can face the situation. Learn how to forgive and emerge stronger from this struggle.

These cards will help you do just that:

Justice is about karma and honesty. This card can appear when you are dealing with an unbalanced or negative relationship. Justice reminds you to be open to both sides of the situation. Try to understand the other person and not just think of yourself. Be open to seeing the truth about the situation, regardless of any emotions you may be experiencing. A third party may be able to help provide a different perspective.

The Hanged Man

You are stuck. When the Hanged Man appears, it is important that you look at what you can do to get yourself out of this situation. This is not about the other person. It is about you. You have put yourself in this situation and locked yourself into it. There is no hard action required, it is about opening yourself to a more realistic and open way of thinking and living. The Hanged Man tells you that you can only improve your relationships with others if you work on yourself.


This card is about finding the middle ground. Temperance is a very important card when it comes to problematic relationships. This card reminds you that a relationship is always about two people with their own past, present, desires, stressors, joys and fears. Be tolerant as you look at your situation. Don’t seek extremes, break ties and put pressure on others to come to a solution. Do your best to be accepting, open and patient.

The Tower

Some relationships are badly timed. When a relationship does not work out, there is always a reason. Sometimes it is because the relationship was not meant to be. Other times there is nothing wrong with the relationship, but there is something wrong with the timing of the relationship. If this is the case, the Tower will appear in your reading. This card tells you that everything must be broken down and then rebuilt. Destroyed relationships from the past may have been necessary so that the other person and you could continue to develop as individuals. From these new positions, a relationship can once again emerge between you.


This card indicates that a major change is needed in order to move forward. It is the time to look back at both the good and less pleasant events in the relationship. The good news? The relationship is not over. You have a chance to take the lessons you learn now and bring them back into the relationship. Start again. Make healthy choices. Let go of the past and nurture the relationship in a positive way. The relationship can only last if you initiate change now.

Two of Cups

Chalice Two represents balance in relationships. Perhaps one of you invests more in the relationship than the other. Or perhaps one of you expects more than the other can give. This card reminds you that a loving relationship should be a balanced one. A relationship in which you both give as much as you receive. Be prepared to look at your role in this relationship. Are you part of the problem? Actively work towards a relationship that is in balance.

Six of Cups

Nostalgia is central to this card. People and memories from the past return to the present. This can be literally, but also in your thoughts. Six of Cups advises you to close off the past in order to contain the turmoil. When you look back on the situation, the good memories overshadow the bad ones. You then often have the tendency to create false memories. Realise that the person you are thinking about again had a place in your life at the time. Now it is time to move on.

Page of Cups

This card is about you! The Squire is about something new and the Page of Cups are about emotions and relationships. Chalice Squire tells you that you are experiencing new feelings and that you are interacting with others in a new way. You have become a different person. Before, the old version of you reacted. You have developed and reacted in a more mature and open way, allowing a breach to be glued. You have discovered a different perspective.

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