The Difference Between Astrology and Tarot Readings

Tarot and astrology are two different ways for you to get insights and reassurance about the presence, possible future or your inner self. The two practices vary widely in in methods and in the way they provide information, but they do both rely on the readers intuition and own interpretation.

Astrology readings are at present day more popular than tarot cards. You can spot them everywhere from magazines to social media. Astrology is based on the relative position and movement of terrestrial objects, like planets and stars. By observing these movements readers can make predictions about the future. This practice makes use of the 12 zodiac signs who some associate with personality traits and other characteristics. Horoscopes are daily, monthly and/ or yearly generalized predictions about the star signs.

Tarot uses 78 cards with assigned meaning and symbols. The first recorded use of tarot was around the 15th century in Europe. People would go to a tarot card reader that could provide them with a personalized and specific answer to their questions. Some might say that Tarot is more reliable than astrology due to the specificity Tarot cards provide. Even though it is a very old practice it is still in use by many to this day.

So, to summarize, the main difference between tarot and astrology is that tarot is very individualistic and can be applied to very specific situations or people. Whereas astrology has a more generalist approach that can be applied to a large group of people that share the same astrological sign.

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