The Ankh Spread

Causes, background and prospects

This laying system is based on an Ancient Egyptian symbol, the life sign “Ankh”, also called ear cross. It consists of a circle and a cross. According to the meaning of the circle, the cards laid down there highlight the spiritual background and the deeper causes, while the cards laid on the cross show how the problem is expressed in reality, what concrete steps can be taken and what prospects there are.

Example questions:
What is the reason for my crisis (illness, problem, etc.) and what are my prospects?
Purpose of the spread:
With this method, you can find out hidden backgrounds and deeper causes.
 De Ankh

1+2* = The first 2 cards represent the 2 parent causes of the situation. They will either compliment each other or show 2 opposing sides of a conflict, depending on how they relate. These are the significator cards of the Ankh spread.

3 = This card shows the early causes of the trend in question.

4 = Shows the causes that triggered the current situation.

5 = Reveals the spiritual perspective of the subject at hand.

6 = This card informs the querent of the reasons why the spirit demanded this course of action to unfold, in that it was a means to this end. This can not be avoided.

At this point, you want to pause to soak in the meaning of the first 6 cards before moving forward to the last 3 cards. The last 3 will show your prospects for the future.

7 = The Next Step gives clues about the immediate future.

8 = Surprising Experiences encountered en route to the end result.

9 = This represents the end result.

* This only applies when this reading method is used to ask about the cause of a crisis. When asked about the background of a pleasant experience, these two cards show what is harmonious or reconciled.

  • Examine the conflict between cards 1 and 2. This is often the most difficult part, especially if the cards show subjects that are connected. This step is essential for interpreting the following cards.
  • Consider the meaning of card 3. The meaning may go back to your childhood.
  • Replay card 4.
  • Cards 5 and 6 are important because they give you insights (5) and actions (6) that can help you solve or improve your problem or situation.
  • Now look at cards 7 to 9. These refer to the future. You can reach a solution, but sometimes the cards only show a first step. More steps are then needed. Don’t give up and keep going, because the first step is the most important one to get out of this situation.


Source: the cards are from the deck The Light Seer’s Tarot.


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