The Chakra Spread

In the Chakra Tarot spread each position is aligned with a chakra and depicts influences, blockages or advances to healing and completion of mind, body and soul. Sometimes people need reassurance that they are being honest with themselves and others, and this is a good reading for that. It’s also a good spread for those who may be confused about their own emotions and intent.

Before we do the spread, here is an overview of the seven chakras. For each, we explain the position of the chakra in the body, the parts of the self that the chakra influences, and what aspects of your mind, body, and spirit the chakra is linked with.

Chakra tarotlegging


Root Chakra (Mudlahara)

Situated at the base of your spine, between your sexual organs and rectum.

The root chakra influences you feet and organs of elimination.

This chakra is linked with your need for grounding or physical security – how you meet your basic physical needs; establishing and regulating your basic behavior patterns associated with survival; connecting with your physical surroundings andbody. How wel you accept and work with and within the limits of the world and society. An awareness that your physical body is a tool for doing spiritual work.


Procreative Chakra (Svadhisthana)

Situated below your navel.

This Chakra influences your sex glands and sex organs..

This chakra is coupled with your sex drive – you biological drive for living and procreated – because after you’ve got the basics down, you start having other desires. It is linked with imagining the forms these pleasures may take. it’s also linked with using “the drive to survive” for procreation, as well as for bringing your ‘other children’, your dreams and desires (creative inspirations), into the world.

Chakra Solar Plexus (manipura)

Situated at your solar plexus, the area of the abdomen just below your sternum.

Your solar plexus chakra influences your digestive organs, hips and legs.

This chakra correspondends with developing your personality/ego and identifications in the world. Attending to gaining personal power and recognition. Satisfying you plans, dreams and desires, with little or no thought about if and how your actions may impact others.

Heart Chakra (anahata)

Situated at the middle of your chest.

This chakra influences your heart and lungs.

This chakra is connected with unconditional love; selflessness, spiritual devotion and bliss. Awareness of your role in life and the potential power of your actions and your motivation to live a balanced life.

Throat chakra (visuddha)

Situated at your throat.

This chakra influences your organs of speech and hearing, thyroid gland, shoulders and arms.

This chakra is associated with walking your talk – integrating and creatively expressing your knowledge of higher truth through your values and actions. Receiving communications and communicating to others.

Brow Chakra (ajna)

Situated at the space between your eyebrows.

The Ajna influences your pineal gland, left brain (intellect), and right brain (intuition and psychic perceptions)..

This chakra is paired with your insight (wisdom) and foresight (inner knowingness).  The past and present coming together. Non dualistic consciousness, infinite perception, and truth. 

Crown Chakra (sahasrar)

Situated at the crown of your head, or just a bit above.

The crown chakra influences your connection with the divine (your higher soul, spirit, Self. Your impersonal and infinite reality).

This chakra is conjoined with effortlessly opening and subordinating your personal will to divine will. Letting go. Impersonal cosmic energy entering and becoming personal energy for you. 

Laying out the cards:
  1. Frame your question.
  2. Take several deep breaths and ask for guidance and direction.
  3. Mix or shuffle the cards in whatever way works for you. While mixing, mentally repeat your question.
  4. Turn over seven cards, one to correspond with each chakra.
  5. Interpret the meaning of the seven cards..
  6. After reading each card individually, put your story together. Each card is like a sentence in a story, together you get the whole story. What does your story suggest about your question?
  7. Consider creating an affirmation about the attitude you’re intending to take from the reading into your life situation.
The 7 chakra cards

Card 1: (rootchakra) signifies the security issues underlying your situation, the psysical energies beneath and behind things.

Card 2: (procreative chakra) signifies the energy and inspiration to create, the creative energies available to you.

Card 3: (solar plexus chakra) signifies the personal acknowledgement, gratification, renown, or satisfaction you’re seeking from this situation.

Card 4: (heart chakra) signifies the love, devotion, and/or duty that is motivating you or this situation.

Card 5: (throat chakra) signifies how this situation is offering you the opportunity to creatively express higher knowledge and wisdom.

Card 6: (brow chakra) signifies the highest truth (and your intuition) about this situation.

Card 7: (crown chakra) signifies how this situation is connecting you with your higher soul, spirit, Self.

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