The Children of Litha Tarot

A richly illustrated tarot deck by Alexandria Huntington featuring mythological creatures and nature based symbolism. Each of these cards has been lovingly and painstakingly hand illustrated specifically for Tarot. Each card is a product of specialized mediation, manifestation, and magick. The deck includes 80 cards, 78 are re-imaginings of the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot and the 2 additional “bonus” cards of original design: “The All” and “The Void”.This brings the deck to a round 80, which in numerology is considered the number of destiny. 

Children of Litha tarot


“The deck is stunning … gorgeous artwork, gorgeous bracelet, gorgeous everything! Even the packaging was first rate in every way! I felt like I was unwrapping mystical and rare jewels.”

Kim B.

“I have owned several decks over the years. While I loved them, none of them connected with me in the way this deck has. The art is amazing as is the book that works with them. I cannot say enough good things about it.”

Elizabeth I.

“These are heart-stoppingly gorgeous Alexandria, thanks so much for creating these! It was pleasant surprise to see darker skinned characters there as well.”

Micki I.

The Children of Litha Tarot

About the deck

My primary inspiration for this deck was to explore humankind’s relationship with nature. I was especially influenced by ancient cross cultural mythologies. I was always amazed by how societies separated by both miles and millennia all feared, respected, and revered the animals they shared the planet with. As a result, The Children of Litha is a diverse group of illustrations that seeks to blur the distinction between the “human” and the “primal” in an attempt to unite these two and unlock our divine potential.

The Major Arcana (or Trump cards) are the foundations of the tarot. These are the gods and goddesses of the deck, and as such they represent cosmic, karmic, universal forces or changes and present profound and overarching life lessons. The  figures in these cards are all some kind of animal-human hybrid (with few and purposeful exception). This is because they unite the themes of the human condition and the universal, primal energies of nature.

The Aces, or “Root cards” are the root or essence of each suit. The skeletons in each Ace are of an animal from their domain and represent the core or foundations of their power. The bones are, after all, what we leave behind: they are our truest form after life and death have stripped us of all that is superfluous and superficial. They are our foundations, and so too are the Root cards the foundations of each suit.

Court cards, or “face cards” refer to The Page, The knight, The Queen, and The King of each suit. If the major Arcana can be thought of as the divine, and the Aces as the “elemental spirits” just below them, then the court cards represent the people living powerfully in that physical plane the next tier down. This is signified by human figures interacting with their animal companions, highlighting the relationship humans share with their animal counterparts in the mortal plane.

Pip cards, also called “numbered cards” are the common yet important day to day themes expressed by each suit and element. These cards are the events, people, and themes you are interacting with in your life – potentially at this very moment. They deal with everyday conflicts, decisions, emotions, and experiences. Representing these are the animals of their elemental domains:

The Cards:

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