The eight tarot cards that scare you to death

While some tarot images may look pretty chilling, how you react to them depends more on your perspective and preconceptions about the images than on the images themselves. The more afraid you are of a card, the more likely it is that it will appear.
Remember that the tarot shows tendencies based on your current way of thinking, and that these tendencies are always subject to change.

© Het Lichtziener tarot, Chris-Anne

The Tower

Fear: My life is falling apart! My relationship is broken. A disaster, drama or tragedy is about to happen.

Review: Take a good look at the map. What is wrong with this picture? If you had stood on something so rickety, you would have fallen off too. When something is built on a shaky foundation, it eventually collapses. Drawing this card gives you the opportunity to ask yourself things like 'What am I thinking or doing that might cause me to fall? What changes can I make to avoid disaster? You get a warning. You get a chance to deal with a situation you have been avoiding. The red light flashes. Remember that if you do not make the required change yourself, you can count on the universe to intervene.

© Het Lichtziener tarot, Chris-Anne


Fear: Who is going to die? Am I going to die? What is going to die and when?

Review: Of course you are going to die, just like me and everyone else who lives on this planet - when the time comes! And death can be very sad indeed. Just remember that the tarot does not predict a certain time frame! Now look at the card. The sun is rising. As the sun rises in one part of the world, it sets in a vein part of the world. Although the card Death can indicate physical death, more often than not Death indicates the erasing of some misconception so that a new perception can take shape. This is the dying off of oneself so that something new can be born in its place.

© Het Lichtziener tarot, Chris-Anne

Three of Swords

Fear: Painful insights, disillusionment, inner conflicts, wise but difficult orders.

Revision: Swords Three represents unerring insights that pierce the heart and are therefore experienced as painful, unpleasant and bitter. But don't shut yourself off from an unpleasant insight. Consider a sobering message. Draw your conclusions and make a wise decision, even if it is difficult. You have to bite the bullet, whether you want to or not.

© Het Lichtziener tarot, Chris-Anne

The Devil

Fear: I live in hell! I am going to hell! Life is hell! Because I have dark and negative thoughts and feelings, I am a horrible person.

Revision: Find your dark side. We all have light and dark or mature and immature personality traits. Acceptance of the immature side of your Self is the beginning of wisdom. It is quite normal to have negative thoughts and feelings. What matters is what you do about it.

© Het Lichtziener tarot, Chris-Anne

Pentacles five

Fear: I have to go out on the streets to beg! I will never have a home! Life is tough and getting tougher.

Review: Set yourself up for lean times and count on a period of hardship that could also last longer. Could you come to repentance by facing the truth about yourself? Pentacles indicate physical results and products. Do you no longer know what makes you feel secure? Some rich people have a poor mind and feel poor. Some poor people have a rich mind and feel rich.

© Het Lichtziener tarot, Chris-Anne

Eight of Swords

Fear: I am trapped! I am in a bind. I have no power. I am unable to stand up for myself.

Review: A period of hardship lies ahead of you, during which you have to curb your interests and desires. Is it possible that a long-standing pattern of narrow-mindedness and/or feeling mentally inhibited is becoming obsolete? In other words, is your mind opening up? If you keep thinking that you are trapped, you are trapped. If you keep thinking that somehow you can get there, you will get out.

© Het Lichtziener tarot, Chris-Anne

The Hanged Man

Fear: I am hung, tied up and counting! I can't move!

Revision: Actually, the hanged man is quite relaxed. What happens when you are upside down? Then the blood rushes to your head, all the loose things in your pockets fall down and everything looks different! The card suggests that you need to change your perspective. When I allow myself to step back from issues or circumstances that are entangling me and do something to come to myself, all that is unnecessary falls away and I get to the heart of the situation. By doing this, I gain a new or renewed perspective on what is important.

© Het Lichtziener tarot, Chris-Anne

The High Priest

Fear: What I hate most about religion is that someone thinks they can tell me what I should and should not do! Who do you think you are to tell me what to do?

Revision: The word hierophant, another word for high priest, comes from the Greek hierophantes, which means 'to reveal, show or make known' and 'one who brings light'. The hand of the High Priest tells you to be quiet and listen to the truth that is inside of you. The High Priest is your own higher soul, spirit. He is your intuition, the inner teacher who resides in your heart.

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