The love tarot reading

Receive an answer to the question: How do I create happiness in love?

Everyone longs for closeness, security and emotional connection. We want to go through life together with someone. It was so in the past, and it is still so today. That is why tarot cards have been used so often and for such a long time. We are full of questions about love and partnership. We need relationships for self-development, personal growth and spiritual exploration. But partnership does not only mean romantic togetherness, but also going through a common development. This development is never ‘finished’ or finished, and so there is work to be done.

Rarely does someone come as close to us as in a relationship. Our partner is like a mirror in which we see our own repressed sides and idiosyncrasies. In our search for wholeness, we prefer to connect, even if unconsciously, with that which we still ‘lack’. Thus, we end up with people and situations that act as mirrors of our own “mistakes”. In them, we see unliked and often unloved sides of our personality.

Seen in this way, every relationship we enter into is ultimately also an exciting journey into ourselves. For whether we enter into a friendship or a business partnership, we get to know ourselves better. The love relationship is the perfect teacher for this because you experience more and more of yourself. Not only through the encounter with the other person, but also, or perhaps especially, through the differences of opinion. In this process of self-knowledge, the Tarot is a great instrument and a valuable help. With its lively images and profound symbolism, the cards show us exactly where we stand in our interpersonal relationships, and thus also in our relationship to ourselves. Moreover, the cards show us what these relationships are really about and what we should pay attention to at the moment.

Liefdeslegging hart
  • Cupid shows you your hidden soul longing.
  • The Queen shows you how to open up to the other.
  • The King shows you what you can do to awaken the heart’s desire in the other person.
  • The child under the Queen represents what the woman desires from her partner.
  • The child under the king represents what the man desires from his partner. The white eagle represents what the woman has to offer in the relationship.
  • The red lion represents what the man has to offer in the relationship.
  • The egg shows how the desire of both partners manifests itself into visible happiness in love.

The wise man blesses the connection and shows how you can draw strength from this happiness of love together and allow it to blossom even further.

Think about the symbol on the card and draw a card each time. Place them, back side up, in the shape of a heart as shown in the diagram and turn over the first three cards.

Cards 1, 2 and 3 show your view of love and desire. How do you deal with them?
Compare cards 4 and 6 with cards 5 and 7. How does one person’s desire match up to what the other person has to offer?
Cards 8 and 9 show how the energy from the previous cards can be manifested and allowed to blossom.

Each card can be about a man or a woman! Some suggestions for interpreting the love message of the Major Arcana.

  • The Fool does not think much about love and relationships. He is curious about who you are and sees being with you as a special life experience.
  • The Magician has an inquiring mind and wonders what it takes for love to blossom. Love is a verb for him.
  • The High Priestess longs for deep soul-to-soul connection. Give her time to grow in the relationship and her passion will slowly blossom.
  • The Empress is an enterprising woman, looking for family happiness. She loves sociability and small gifts.
  • The Emperor likes to take care of others. He shows his love by doing things for you, because he is a man of few words.
  • The Hierophant likes to amaze you with his knowledge. He thinks about everything, including love and relationships. He has strong opinions on these matters.

The Beloved considers it important that there is mutual attraction and a desire to be together. They feel the other easily because they are meant for each other.
Power seeks a relationship that is satisfying on all levels. A game of constant seduction, passion and surrender.

  • The Hermit is a quiet enjoyer of depth. He does not impose himself. If you conquer his heart, he will lay the world at your feet.
  • The Wheel of Fortune is an energetic person looking for adventure. He is therefore looking for a relationship with movement, so that being together remains exciting and does not rust away.
  • Justice is a person with a great deal of knowledge of people, and she immediately sees through falsehoods. That is why with her you can be who you are without any restrictions, because she knows you through and through.
  • The Hanged Man knows what is important in love. He radiates so much peace and wisdom that you immediately feel at ease.
  • Death surprises you with his original ideas. He can be very energetic, even in the bedroom.
  • Temperance has a lot of life experience. He is spontaneous, natural and optimistic and is looking for a partner who is the same.
  • The Devil accepts you as you are. You are special to him and he sees you as his ideal partner.
  • The Tower is fully committed to the relationship, but sometimes reacts impulsively. His ideal partner enjoys his impetuosity, but also brings peace to the relationship.
  • The Star enjoys being adored. If you give her your heart, she will put a smile on your face every day.
  • The Moon is not looking for a permanent commitment. If this does not scare you off, a relationship with her is one big adventure, as long as it lasts.
  • The Sun knows no limits in love. Together with him you reach new heights, time after time.
  • Judgment answers your heart’s desire. When you meet him, you immediately get butterflies in your stomach.
  • The World knows what love is. You feel complete!
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