gekruisde takken


The Essence

The sweat lodge represents the womb of Mother Earth. Volcanic stones are heated in a fire outside, then brought into the lodge and placed in a shallow hole in the center. Participants sit in complete darkness around the red-hot stones to sweat away old habits and beliefs, and heal disease. When you return humbly to the womb of the Mother, you are offered second chances.

The Invitation

This is a time to journey inward into the dark and hidden places of your soul to reconnect with the ancient earth wisdom. You can also create a sacred and intimate space in the dark by lighting a candle. Observe what emerges and, without judging it, invite it to bring you its gifts. You are being offered an opportunity to shed and heal from the aspects of your life you have outgrown. Do not worry that you will be consumed by the process.

The Medicine

Life is offering you a second chance. Take it, since this chance may not come your way again for a while! Mother Earth is calling you into her womb and inviting you to incubate as long as needed for a spiritual rebirth. Gift yourself time to be with your darkness—your fears, your pain, and your seeds of beautiful potential—until you come out the other side free, wise, and full of creativity.

© Het Mystieke Sjamanen Orakelkaarten set, Colette Baron-Reid, Marcella Lobos, Alberto Villoldo

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