gekruisde takken


The Essence

In the vision quest, you face your fear, embrace your mortality, and then meet face-to-face with Spirit. When we feel stagnant, a vision quest brings our lives into perspective. We realize our flaws, our potential, and the opportunities life is now offering us. We remain on a vision quest until we find the key to open a new door or write a new chapter in our lives.

The Invitation

Find clarity by spending time alone in nature. If you live in a city, go for walks in a park. If you live in the country, make sure that you spend time outside, in contemplation. Get off the couch, get away from your desk, go outside! Spirit helps those who help themselves, so set your intention and ask nature for a guiding vision for your life.

The Medicine

Spirit has been trying to contact you but received no answer. You are too busy with your life, and there is too much noise inside your head. Do not miss the call again! Make room for quiet time this evening, allow yourself to become bored for a little while, and you’ll be able to hear the important message trying to get through.

© Het Mystieke Sjamanen Orakelkaarten set, Colette Baron-Reid, Marcella Lobos, Alberto Villoldo

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