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Yes, you can do your own tarot reading!

You’re a tarot enthusiast! Perhaps you’re considering using tarot to gain insights into your life. But can you do your own readings? Absolutely! Tarot cards are a wellspring of wisdom.

However, when doing readings for yourself, you might find that interpretations can be puzzling or vague. Here are seven common mistakes you can avoid when interpreting tarot readings for yourself.

Mistake 1: Reading Tarot When Overly Emotional

Major life events can stir up strong emotions. In such times, you might be tempted to turn to your tarot cards for guidance. However, it’s best to wait until your emotions have settled before doing a reading. Your current emotional state can cloud the message of the cards. So, only do readings when you’re calm and can focus on the cards and your inner self.

Mistake 2: Drawing Extra Cards When Confused

Sometimes a reading might raise more questions than it answers. While drawing an extra card or two can provide additional clarity, drawing too many can lead to confusion. Too many cards can make your inner compass go haywire, leaving you feeling lost.

Mistake 3: Using Different Spreads for the Same Question

There are many tarot spreads available in books, websites, and social media. However, using different spreads for the same question can lead to confusion. The spread is just a tool to help focus your attention. Take your time to interpret a spread and revisit it after some time for fresh insights.

Mistake 4: Relying Solely on Book Interpretations

While tarot books offer valuable insights into card meanings and symbolism, each reading is unique. The message of the cards in a reading is meant for you. Trust your intuition and connect with your heart to interpret the cards.

Mistake 5: Focusing Only on Negative Cards or Interpreting Them Positively

Cards that evoke negative feelings can draw extra attention or be ignored out of fear. However, all cards have a valuable message. Approach the cards with an open and curious mind, trusting in the tarot’s supportive message.

Mistake 6: Expecting the Reading to Solve Your Problems

A tarot reading is an invitation to view your problem from a different perspective. It provides insights into your thoughts and feelings, and offers a glimpse into the future. Use the information from the reading to address your problem and decide on your next steps.

Mistake 7: Doing a Reading to Understand Someone Else’s Thoughts and Feelings

If your question involves others, remember that your cards reflect you and your life. A reading is primarily about you and your perspective of others. Questions about others out of curiosity rarely provide valuable answers. Always look at the overall energy of the reading and how each person contributes to your life or problem.

May your tarot journey bring you many inspiring insights!

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