Hello I’m Mabel van den Dungen, writer, coach, journalist, who uses tarot, astrology, numerology and refined wisdom to better myself and others. I give free readings every month for every zodiac sign.  

I have a lot of experience counseling people who go trough personal and professional hardships in life. I developped my own method of reading the cards. I count the cards in order to find their hidden numerological meaning. I also use colours, sometimes scents, gemstones and others healing tools that came to me over the years, to help me personalize the healing process. My goal is to empower others by educating them in recognizing their own patterns and by becoming conscious of their needs and their uniqueness.


Click on your zodiac sign for your monthly tarot reading for June 2019

Aries 21 maart t/m 20 april 
You are a warrior but now it’s time to rest and to prepare for your succes that is coming in the last week op June. Your Karma Angel card this month is Micheal and he will (and can) protect you against all kinds of negativity. You are the alchemist of your own universe.

Taurus 20 april t/m 20 mei
Taurus is loyal, have good taste and will make a stable first impression. Your angel is Zadkiël. He is the angel of prayer. You can also set an intention, or write your wish on a peace of paper. A prayer can be as simple as: Zadkiël: “I choose Love. I’m open to love. I’m love. I give love to all around me. I love my twin flame. And I also thank you for my twinflame. (Even he or she is not already there). And so it is, and so it is, and so it is”. Words have a magical power. Use them wisely.

Gemini 22 mei t/m 21 juni
Gemini is quick and for certain a fast thinker. He or she is wise and has a hunger for knowledge. There are very interested in other people and how the think and live.

Cancer 22 juni t/m 22 juli
The cancer is loving and nurtering. She or he is a real leader. This month you have a assignment; you have toe ad the way. Do it from the heart. Luckily there is help on the way!

Leo 23 juli t/m 23 augustus
Leo’s are playful and light up like the sun. They are ambitious, and are usually very proud if the can achieve there own goals. The like to be the centre of attention.

Virgo 24 augustus t/m 22 september
The Virgo are disciplined, exact and like order and stability. But this month they should be more playful. You are under the guidance of the universe, and if you are willing to take a rest, the rewards will be big.

Scorpio 24 oktober t/m 22 november
Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac. The feel, the know, the see everything! But sometimes it can be to much. There are many blessings this month for you. But you have to let go of all the hidden and trust the devine guidance!

Libra 23 september t/m 23 oktober
You have a lot of money and other prosperity. Your devine angels is Shekinah. See will help you to recieve all your blessings. Your truly blessed!

Sagittarius 22 november t/m 21 december
Welcome at your reading for june. Your word is connect with those around for you. The angel who wants to assit you is Nathaniel. You only have to connect in prayer.

Capricorn 22 december t/m 19 januari
Have patient with yourself because your almost there! You will have your insight in devine timing! No need to rush!

Aquarius 21 januari t/m 19 februari
You are the most blessed of all the zodiac signs this month. You have Shekinah as your devine presence. You can ask your angel everything. Say thank you upfront.

Pisces 20 februari t/m 20 maart
Your special angels this month is Ariel. He will assit you with your devine planning. Rest and recieve. There is a lot for you in store!!!

I hope you liked my reading. I send you love and light Mabel

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