Ghost Tarot


Ghost Tarot, for all those who do not wish to live their existence on the borders of the unrefined materialism, it is clear that the world as we perceive it does not represent the totality of existence.

Ghosts move in an invisible world, perceptible with our senses only intermittently - or in certain moments of the year, like the Celtic holiday of Samhain, today known as Halloween - when the veil that divides our worlds becomes thinner. Yet, anyone with wordly experience knows well that things, events, and people leave traces that linger for a long time. 

If you can, approach this Tarot with light-heart-edness, but never while overcome with emotions. If you accept the images of these cards and empathize with them, you will be able to glimpse this invisible world, drawing wisdom and clarity from it.


The Ghost Tarot is an ethereal and unearthly 78 card deck illustrated by Davide Corsi. It's set in a moonlit landscape of haunted castles, ghosts and barely visible spectres, and takes an unusual, romantic and creative approach to the standard tarot scenes.

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Largeur: 68 mm
Longueur: 124 mm
Hauteur: 35 mm
Fabricant: Davide CorsiDavide Corsi

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78 kaarten + handleiding
Lo Scarabeo
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