Journey of the Sacred Bee

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu


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This is my first journey as a creator and it has been nothing but exciting the entire time. The Journey of The Sacred Bee Tarot was a spark of inspiration. I’ve been a graphic designer for 32 years and I am also professional Tarot Reader. I’ve thought of creating a deck of my very own in the past but never got that “Ace of Wands” muse that was quickly followed up by the powers of “The Magician”.

One day, not long ago, I had been reading about how the bees are considered THE most important species on the planet and how we humans are endangering them to the brink of extinction. They are simply disappearing. I began looking at their anatomy, proportions and how they have evolved into the species that pollinates the world – including much of the human food supply. Bees are form and function at its finest. As I began sketching some bees, I saw some amazing similarities with sacred geometry patterns and overlaid a bee image onto the flower of life and a human face. At that moment I saw the interconnectedness of us all and my journey to create this deck began.

My hope is that the imagery and symbolism in this deck will open paths to your subconscious and allow the cards to bring all of your light forward. The Journey of the Sacred Bee is the journey of us all, as we unfold, grow and expand.

The size of the cards is 3″ x 5″ and will be on 350gsm white core paper stock, with matte finish, the guide booklet will also be 3” x 5”, 78-80 pages with matte finish soft cover, perfect bound and fit into the two-part box.

Each deck contains a 78 page guidebook in the box

Gewicht 410 g
Afmetingen 143 × 93 × 45 mm




Journey of the Sacred Bee

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