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Journey of the Sacred Bee 2nd edition (damaged)

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Journey of the Sacred Bee 2nd edition (damaged)

Kelly Burton

€ 62,50 € 52,95

Dit deck eert de bij als een symbool van gemeenschap, ijver en zoetheid in het leven. Een aantal deck hebben tijdens vervoer lichte schade op gelopen. Wie ziet de perfectie in imperfectie? Of zoals de Japanners zeggen Wabi Sabi?

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Design and Artwork

"Journey of the Sacred Bee 2nd edition" by Kelly Burton, a professional Tarot Reader and graphic designer, is an inspired tarot deck that celebrates the vital role of bees in our ecosystem. The deck was born from a realization of the interconnectedness of all life, symbolized through the bee's relationship with sacred geometry patterns. This deck intertwines the mystical elements of tarot with the natural form and function of bees, offering a unique and deeply symbolic tarot experience.

Deck Features and Quality

The deck consists of 78 beautifully designed cards, each measuring 3" x 5", printed on 350gsm white core paper stock with a matte finish for easy handling and shuffling. The accompanying guidebook, also 3” x 5”, contains 78-80 pages with a matte finish soft cover and perfect binding. It fits neatly into the two-part box, making the deck a portable and durable choice for tarot enthusiasts.

User Experience and Interpretation

With its unique theme and thoughtful design, the "Journey of the Sacred Bee" tarot deck aims to open pathways to the subconscious, allowing the cards to illuminate and bring forward the user's inner light. The deck is suitable for both beginners and experienced tarot readers, offering a fresh perspective and deeper understanding of the tarot’s journey as it parallels our own growth and expansion.

About the Author

Kelly Burton's first journey as a creator marries her extensive experience as a graphic designer with her passion for tarot reading. Her inspiration drawn from the crucial role of bees in our world and their connection to sacred geometry has culminated in a tarot deck that is not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful. The deck reflects her hope that the imagery and symbolism will resonate with users on a profound level.

  • 78-card tarot deck with unique bee and sacred geometry inspired design.
  • Printed on high-quality paper with a matte finish for durability and ease of use.
  • Included guidebook offers insightful interpretations and fits inside the box.
  • Ideal for both new and seasoned tarot practitioners.
  • Created by Kelly Burton, blending her talents in graphic design and tarot reading.


Auteur Kelly Burton
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Self-Published Decks
SKU 0281-939-1


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