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Tarot of Oppositions (used)

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Tarot of Oppositions (used)

Pierluca Zizzi

€ 31,50 € 26,75

Elke kaart toont tegengestelde krachten en biedt een dieper inzicht in de dualiteit van het leven. De eerste inzichten zijn reeds gegeven met dit deck, wie ontvangt graag de volgende?

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Design and Artwork

The Tarot of Oppositions, created by Pierluca Zizzi and illustrated by Michele D’Aloisio, offers a unique and innovative approach to tarot. Each card in this deck is designed as a mirrored version of itself, presenting two perspectives of the same theme. This concept allows readers to explore the duality and balance of situations, as seen in the mirrored images of the Fool, the Hermit, the High Priestess, and others. The artwork is described as a bit dark, necessitating good lighting for readings, but it's praised for its depth and balance.

Symbolism and Themes

This deck is a study of opposites and dualities, offering insights into both the positive and negative, or shadow aspects, of each situation. The innovative design of mirrored cards reflects the concept of 'as above, so below', enhancing the depth and flexibility of readings. This approach allows for a more holistic understanding of each card's message, transcending traditional binary interpretations of tarot.

User Experience

The cards are of a comfortable size, not too small like playing cards, and have a slippery finish for easy shuffling. The card edges are white, and users have expressed a wish for gold-edged cards to match the gold fonts in the booklet. The box design is practical and attractive, enabling vertical storage of cards and the booklet. The booklet itself, while compact and easy to handle, could benefit from more detailed descriptions and larger sample images, according to some users. Overall, the deck is well-received for its physical quality and spiritual communicative ability.

About the Authors

Pierluca Zizzi, a game designer from Italy, has created various decks including the Tarot of Oppositions and the Wanderer's Tarot. His background in dream interpretation and folk cards of destiny informs his innovative approach to tarot. Michele D’Aloisio, an award-winning artist also from Italy, brings his expertise in drawing and painting to the deck. His experience in collaborating with screenwriters and graphic novelists adds a narrative depth to the artwork. Both creators have effectively combined their talents to produce a tarot deck that is both physically sturdy and spiritually insightful.

  • Artistic Style: Mirrored card design presenting dual perspectives
  • Key Themes: Duality, balance, positive and negative aspects
  • Target Audience: Tarot enthusiasts seeking a unique deck with a focus on duality
  • Special Features: Mirrored imagery, practical box design, informative booklet
  • Author Background: Pierluca Zizzi - game designer; Michele D’Aloisio - artist and illustrator


Auteur Pierluca Zizzi
ISBN 9780738769646
Uitgeverij Lo Scarabeo
Taal Meertalig
SKU 0702-EX274-1


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