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Tarot of the Enchanted Garden (damaged)

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Tarot of the Enchanted Garden (damaged)

Lo Scarabeo

€ 31,50 € 26,75

Dit deck heeft een gedeukte hoek en is gebruikt voor media-doeleinden. Het deck is compleet inclusief handleiding en nog net zo “enchanting” als een ongebruikt deck.

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Tarot of the Enchanted Garden is a one-of-a-kind deck consisting of 78 intricately designed cards. These cards feature curvy, sinuous lines and an elegant silver palette, setting the stage for a unique tarot experience. With each card measuring 70x120 mm, this deck provides a substantial and visually striking representation of the Tarot.

Included in this package are comprehensive instructions, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced readers. The multilingual edition ensures that a wide audience can engage with this enchanting tarot deck.

Whether you're seeking insight into the mysteries of life, making decisions, or simply enjoying the beauty of its artwork, Tarot of the Enchanted Garden is more than just a deck; it's a versatile and captivating tool that can enhance your connection with the world of Tarot.


Auteur Lo Scarabeo
ISBN 9788865275184
Taal Meertalig
Uitgeverij Lo Scarabeo
SKU 0672-EX296-1


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