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The Cosmos Oracle: Astronomy Tarot Kit (damaged)

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The Cosmos Oracle: Astronomy Tarot Kit (damaged)

Jeanette Parrinella

€ 78,00 € 70,00

The Cosmos Oracle: Astronomy Tarot Kit: Een prachtige en unieke tarotkaartenset die echte astronomische concepten gebruikt om je te helpen verbinding te maken met het universum.

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Design and Artwork

The Cosmos Oracle: Astronomy Tarot Kit by Jeanette Parrinella introduces a unique 73-card holographic deck with a minimalist design. Each card in this deck is inspired by real astronomical concepts like relativity, black holes, wormholes, time, and space. The design integrates elements of quantum physics and NASA discoveries, offering a bridge between the scientific and the spiritual. The cards are crafted with eco-friendly materials, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and the mysteries of the universe.

Symbolism and Themes

This oracle deck delves deep into the concepts of quantum change and inner power. It draws upon the complexities of the cosmos to provide spiritual guidance and connection. The deck is designed to help users navigate through transformative experiences and tap into their inner wisdom, using the vast knowledge of astronomy and quantum physics as a guide.

User Experience

Along with the deck, users receive a universe grid of creation cloth and a portal activation guide for the cards, enhancing the overall reading experience. The accompanying hardcover book, spanning 113 pages, provides full-color illustrations and detailed explanations of the cards' meanings. The dimensions of the cards, 120 x 70mm, make them comfortable for handling during readings and meditations.

About the Author

Jeanette Parrinella, the creator of this innovative deck, combines her interest in astronomy and spiritual guidance. Her approach brings a unique perspective to the traditional tarot, making this kit a valuable tool for those seeking insights through a blend of science and spirituality.

  • 73-card holographic deck inspired by astronomy and quantum physics.
  • Minimalist design crafted with eco-friendly materials.
  • Includes a universe grid cloth and portal activation guide.
  • Hardcover book with full-color pages explaining the card meanings.
  • Ideal for those interested in the intersection of science and spirituality.


Auteur Jeanette Parrinella
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Self-Published Decks
SKU 1792-02-01


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