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The Nameless One (damaged)

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The Nameless One (damaged)

Alexandria Huntington

€ 125,95 € 100,95

Een mysterieus orakel dat je uitnodigt om het onbekende te verkennen en verborgen aspecten van jezelf te ontdekken. Dit exemplaar is gebruikt voor media doeleinden en heeft helaas ook wat gedeukte hoeken. Wie geeft dit prachtige deck een nieuw forever home?

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Design and Artwork

The Nameless One Tarot & Oracle deck, created by the brilliant artist Alexandria Huntington, offers a seamless fusion of tarot and oracle cards. This extraordinary deck includes 108 fully illustrated cards, consisting of 78 traditional tarot cards, 22 Oracle cards created by the artist, and 8 additional cards with custom sigils from Kickstarter backers for unique affirmations.

Card Structure and Theme

The cards boast a custom large-format size of approximately 89 x 146 mm (3.5 x 5.75 inches) and feature no words, numbers, or titles, allowing the stunning illustrations to speak directly to the unconscious mind. This format encourages clear and unobstructed contemplation of the artwork, providing nuanced insights into human consciousness.

Quality and Presentation

Crafted from high-quality 350 GSM cardstock, the deck is durable with a matte finish that protects the cards from fingerprints and smudges. The black edges add to the deck's mystique, while the white gold foil signature sigil on the back of the cards and on the box adds sophistication. The box features a magnetic closure and black ribbon, ensuring secure storage of the cards.

Companion Guidebook

The deck comes with an abbreviated version of the Companion Grimoire, providing guidance for using the deck. Whether for seasoned tarot practitioners or newcomers, this deck is a versatile and accessible tool for inspiration, guidance, and personal growth.

About the Artist

Alexandria Huntington is known for her compelling and evocative art style. Her work often delves into the realm of the mystical and esoteric, blending traditional and contemporary artistic techniques to create something truly unique. Huntington's passion for storytelling and symbolism is evident in every card of The Nameless One Tarot & Oracle deck.

  • 108 fully illustrated cards, including 78 traditional tarot cards, 22 Oracle cards, and 8 custom sigil cards
  • Custom large-format size of approximately 89 x 146 mm (3.5 x 5.75 inches)
  • No words, numbers, or titles on the cards for focused interpretation
  • High-quality 350 GSM cardstock with a matte finish
  • Black edges and white gold foil signature sigil for an elegant look
  • Sturdy box with magnetic closure and black ribbon
  • Abbreviated Companion Grimoire guidebook included


Auteur Alexandria Huntington
SKU 1089-XH02-1


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