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The Weavers’ Oracle

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The Weavers’ Oracle

€ 75,00

Verken de archetypische mysteries met Weavers’ Oracle. Deze prachtige kaarten bieden diepe inzichten en begeleiden je spirituele reis door oude mythologieën en intuïtieve landschappen.

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Design and Artwork

The Weavers’ Oracle, created by Carolyn Hillyer, features 52 cards and a comprehensive wire-bound book. The cards, measuring 148 x 105 mm, are beautifully printed on silk-coated heavy art board. The set is presented in a high-quality lidded storage box, which also includes a cloth bag for the cards. This extraordinary publication showcases Carolyn’s paintings and writings, spanning thirty years, offering a rich visual and symbolic experience.

Symbolism and Themes

This oracle deck draws on the wisdom inherent in women’s journeys and archetypal mysteries. It explores mythic stories rooted in the wild landscapes where Carolyn has lived and worked. Each of the 52 weavers in the oracle embodies a complete journey, offering profound guidance through their Yarn, Braid, and Cloth. The oracle’s themes revolve around ancient mythologies, intuitive landscapes, and the deep connection with sacred land.

User Experience

The Weavers’ Oracle is designed for those seeking profound spiritual insights and transformative journeys. The book, measuring 210 x 148 mm, provides detailed explanations and interpretations for each card. The set is packaged in a grey or black heavyweight lidded archive box (230 x 165 x 50 mm), enhancing the user experience and making each reading a deeply enriching ritual.

About the Author

Carolyn Hillyer is a renowned artist and writer whose work centers around women’s archetypal mysteries. She has created numerous solo albums and collaborated with Nigel Shaw on many others. Her paintings and writings reflect her deep connection to ancient mythologies and sacred landscapes. Carolyn also teaches powerful workshop journeys for women, integrating ritual song, intuitive ceremony, and wild land interaction. She is the founder of Thirteen Moons women’s festival.

Additional Information

The Weavers’ Oracle includes translations in German, Russian, and Slovak. These translations are available as separate books included inside the Oracle box. Carolyn’s work is known for its deep mythological themes and intuitive guidance, making this oracle a valuable tool for spiritual exploration.

  • 52 beautifully designed cards (148 x 105 mm)
  • Wire-bound book with detailed explanations (210 x 148 mm)
  • Silk-coated heavy art board cards
  • Cloth bag for card storage
  • High-quality lidded storage box (230 x 165 x 50 mm)
  • ISBN: 9781922573933
  • Includes translations in German, Russian, and Slovak
  • Created by Carolyn Hillyer

Connecting with Women’s Archetypal Mysteries

The Weavers’ Oracle book and cards draw on Carolyn’s thirty years of work with women’s archetypal mysteries. Each card embodies a unique journey, offering profound insights and guidance for spiritual exploration.

A Rich Visual and Symbolic Experience

The oracle's images and stories are rooted in wild landscapes and ancient mythologies. This set invites users to explore intuitive landscapes, guided by the wisdom of the weavers.

Comprehensive User Guide

The wire-bound book provides detailed explanations for each card, making it easy to navigate the oracle and receive meaningful insights. The high-quality presentation enhances the overall user experience.


Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Self-Published Decks
Auteur Carolyn Hillyer


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