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The Wild Way Oracle (used)

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The Wild Way Oracle (used)

Nicola Allan

€ 60,00 € 52,95

Ontdek de magie van de natuur met The Wild Way Oracle Deck door Nicola Allan. Duik in oude wijsheid met 44 handgeschilderde kaarten, eco-vriendelijk geproduceerd. Dit lieftallige deck is alleen gebruikt voor media doeleinden en heeft een lichte beschadiging aan het doosje. Word jij het forever-home van deze schattige dieren?

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Design and Artwork

The Wild Way Oracle Deck, crafted by Nicola Allan, showcases a stunning collection of 44 large-format cards, each adorned with original, hand-painted illustrations. The artwork, deeply inspired by nature and the ancient systems of the Wheel of the Year and zodiacal decans, invites users to explore the natural world and their place within it. The deck's design is complemented by gold foil details on the back of each 350gsm card, ensuring both beauty and durability.

Symbolism and Themes

This eco-oracle deck is rooted in the wisdom of ancient traditions, celebrating the cycles of the Earth and the cosmos. The 36 minor cards represent the zodiacal decans, each with its own symbol and energy, while the 8 major cards feature seasonal celebrations from The Wheel of the Year. Through its symbolic and thematic richness, the deck offers deep insights into the rhythms of nature and our connection to the universe.

User Experience

With its intuitive design, The Wild Way Oracle Deck encourages users to engage with the cards directly, supported by companion reference cards and a digital guidebook. Its large-format cards and anti-scuff laminate make shuffling effortless, allowing for a seamless reading experience. This deck not only serves as a tool for divination but also as a means to celebrate the changing seasons and foster a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

About the Author

Nicola Allan, the creator of The Wild Way Oracle Deck, is driven by a passion to reconnect individuals with the natural world. With a background in art and environmental stewardship, Allan combines her love for nature and her artistic talent to create a deck that celebrates the beauty of the Earth and the wisdom of ancient traditions. Her commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of the deck's production, making it a truly earth-friendly choice.

  • 44 hand-painted, large-format oracle cards featuring gold foil details.
  • Rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Wheel of the Year and zodiacal decans.
  • Includes four companion reference cards and access to a digital guidebook.
  • Printed on 350gsm card stock with a matte, anti-scuff laminate.
  • Packaged in a tuck flap box made from G.F Smith Colorplan card.
  • Designed for intuitive use, suitable for beginners and seasoned readers alike.
  • Eco-friendly production, printed locally in Scotland using sustainable practices.
  • Target audience includes children (ages 8+), Celtic ancestry enthusiasts, inner child practitioners, astrologers, deck/art collectors, and nature lovers.


Auteur Nicola Allan
Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Self-Published Decks
SKU 1476-FB01-1


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