The Uncommon Tarot

If you love romantic, ethereal, emotional artwork with a global vibe, you’ll love The Uncommon Tarot.


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The traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck is the most widely known and most often used deck from which most modern interpretations are drawn. But it is geared toward people in the early 1900s and draws on commonalities of race, gender, culture, and religion that no longer seem relevant.

This is a deck for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of today’s reality. It’s based on the traditional symbolism of the Rider-Waite deck but has been reimagined for a new generation of tarot readers to serve as a bridge for those looking to connect with their own ancestral heritage and find their personal archetype in the here and now.

Shaheen’s artistic style calls upon these subconscious archetypes without being literal or prescriptive, and retains a magical and ethereal quality that will resonate with any lover of the tarot.

This stunning kit contains a 64 page book and 78 full-color tarot cards.

This deck has a traditional format with 78 cards—but each card has been reimagined with lush, evocative artwork by Shaheen Miro.

You’ll love Shaheen’s new interpretations of classic cards that you know so well.

His layered, collage-style artwork invites you to look closer and find hidden meanings in the cards that you hadn’t considered before.

Drawing from many spiritual and mystical traditions, Shaheen’s artwork celebrates all of humanity and its complexities.

I’m proud to collaborate with Shaheen on this project. He created the deck. I wrote the accompanying booklet. The Uncommon Tarot is beautiful gift for yourself—or any Tarot lover in your life!


Tarot is a living tapestry that continues to evolve along with our personal and collective journeys. It is a language that we empower with our own voice and expression. But the truth is, you are the oracle, telling your story through the kaleidoscope of images.

As a mixed media artist, I bring together disparate parts and add color, texture, and imagery to create a whole new context and narrative. Inspiration hits me as a whisper, a disembodied voice seeking expression through me. I trust and allow this process to unfold, for the story to be told. I work in deep communion with the spirit of inspiration—moving, flowing, and experimenting until all the fragments are woven together into a cohesive story.

My vision for The Uncommon Tarot is to give a voice to our personal and collective stories. To honor and empower the wisdom of the ages, the ancestors of our past, the avatars of the future, and the mystical travelers we are in the here and now. I believe our life purpose is to express ourselves fully in this world . . . in living color.

My dream is for you to find yourself in this deck, so fall curious, be brave, and speak your truth!

Shaheen Miro

Gewicht 320 g
Afmetingen 132 × 83 × 35 mm






The Uncommon Tarot

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