Way of the Panda Tarot baby

Discover the Way of the Panda: A gorgeous, pocket-sized, whimsical tarot filled with watercolour pandas, created by Kimberley Tsan.


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A splash of Zen, a brush of Tao, a touch of whimsy, and tons of furry adorableness-a deck for tarot & panda lovers in dreamy watercolor, created by Kimberley Tsan.

Way of the Panda is a Rider-Waite-inspired deck, reimagining tarot archetypes through the perspective of pandas, vivid scenes of nature, and elements of magical realism. Through the 78 cards of tarot, the pandas from the Panda Kingdom will show you how to walk the adorable Way of the Panda and just how panda-tastic your life can be.

  •  …you’re looking for a child-friendly deck to gift to a young budding cardslinger or to start them on their tarot journey with a gentle but insightful deck
  •  …you’re looking for an intuitive deck that you can easily tune into + a deck that allows you to develop a personal connection and meanings for each card
  •   …you are looking for something that has inspirations from both Zen Buddhism and Taoism – although, you should know that this deck isn’t particular Zen nor is it completely Taoist. Some ideas from both practices sort of just organically trailed in alongside the pandas, but I never sought to make this deck strictly Zen or Taoist. It’s quite open to interpretation and intuitive understanding.

“What do you mean I’m wise? I’m just a panda!” is what I imagine pandas will say if you ever want to thank them for your cathartic moments. Accordingly to them, all they did was lazing around while looking cute and cuddly.

  • 78 cards printed on high quality 350gsm cardstock paper with matte lamination
  • Comes in a sturdy and beautifully designed top-down box (box & lid)
  • No Booklet in this Baby Version
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Way of the Panda Tarot baby

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