The Animal Allies Oracle


The Animal Allies Oracle by Jessica Swift. This magical deck of oracle cards is a true labor of love. The deck began as a daily project at the beginning of 2016, when her sweet babe was just 3 months old. She painted the images day by day, one by one, in tiny pockets of time during her baby’s first 15 months of life. Sometimes he slept on her while she painted. Sometimes he sat on her lap and watched, mesmerized by the paintbrush. Every time she felt lucky and grateful, for both the tiny magical being and for the paint. The magic of creation, new motherhood, and magical growth is infused in these images. Each deck includes a fold-out sheet with insight into each animal’s unique energetic qualities, so you can begin to see how the cards you pull relate to your life, your situation, and the questions/issues you bring to the cards. I can’t wait for you to hold these cards in your hands and use them in your daily life to tune into the potent and magical animal wisdom and connection that is available to you whenever you remember to tap into it. WHO THIS DECK IS FOR: :: animal lovers :: people looking for support, healing, encouragement :: creative souls :: art lovers :: children :: tarot and oracle card enthusiasts :: tarot and oracle card newbies! :: self-improvement lovers :: anyone who feels called and curious to hold the cards. Your allies are waiting to find you! A SIMPLE WAY TO USE THE CARDS: Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes. Shuffle the cards. Ask a question, out loud or within. Cut the deck. Draw a card. Who appears? This animal ally has a message for you; it’s up to you to discern its meaning. Use your intuition. Listen to the answers that come. Trust them. Use the description of the animal’s energy included with the deck to deepen your understanding. This is just one of many ways to use the cards; there is no wrong way.

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€27,95 each Weight: 362 g
Width: 139 mm
Length: 102 mm
Height: 38 mm
Brand: Jessica SwiftJessica Swift


60 cards & leaflet
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