How to choose a tarot deck

It is important to choose a deck that you really like. You will have it for a long time and you have to live with it; people rarely give away their cards, so unless you inherit an unwanted Tarot deck, you wil need to purchase your own. There are so-called traditions that dictate that you should not buy your own cards, but that they should bought for you as a gift.

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Are you ready to work your magic?

Reconnect with your natural magical abilities with this positive witchcraft deck. Have you ever wished you could cast a spell to change your life’s path? Connect with your inner witch and add a little magic? Spellcasting has been used by witches since the birth of magic and now that power lies in your hands. Each card of this deck connects you to the magical forces required for spellwork, to harness and

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Die acht Tarotkarten die einem Todesangst einjagen

What to do if you cannot make sense of a reading

If the cards that are first laid out for a reading just don’t feel right, and you cannot get into an interpretative flow, bear in mind the following: You can ask the querent to shuffle and cut the deck again. What inevitably happens is that salient cards from the first reading reappear in the second reading. This may sound unconvincing, but try this for yourself when you are self-reading and cannot

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Treasure Hunters the game

Do you also dream of a world in which children, youngsters and adults are truly connected to each other, looking at the world around them with a sparkle in their eyes? Then you are game for Treasure Hunters! WHAT IS IT Treasure Hunters is a game of cards. It consists of two types of cards. The first are chore cards, which consist of small tasks divided into stimulating and life-affirming themes.

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Kyle Gray

8 Tips for a Highly Accurate Angel Card Reading

For the last 10 years I’ve read angel cards professionally. I absolutely love how insightful and accurate this tool can be but I’ve found that, even though the deck can be seen as magical, the real miracle is within you. Working with an oracle tool requires some focus, but it also requires your ability to hold the space in positive and open-hearted way. Having the right approach to how you hold

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The History of The Tarot

It is believed that the word ‘Tarot’ comes from the River Taro in Northern Italy, where the popular game of Tarocchi was played in the early fifteenth century. Tarot was not originally designed as a tool for divination, but as a card game that became popular as a fortune-telling aid in the late eighteenth century. There have been many stories as to the origins of Tarot. Some believe it evolved in Egypt, or it was bought to Europe by the travelling Gypsies. A Swiss clergyman, Antoine Court de Gébelin, who published Le Monde Primitif, a study of religious symbolism,

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