The astrological circle

Source: from the book “Met de Tarot op Pad” Hajo Banzhaf

Like almost no other method of reading the tarot, the Astrological Circle is suitable for extensive reading. The method provides insight into 12 areas of life. This makes this reading method a good start for a comprehensive consultation. The areas highlighted by the major cards can then be explored in greater depth with further readings.

Typical questions:

  • Where am I standing?

  • What are my essential experiences and what will happen in the coming month or year?

© Het Lichtziener tarot, Chris-Anne
  1. Basic mood: important for how events are experienced in all other areas
  2. Finances: security, dealing with money. Income and expenditure
  3. Daily life: themes that deal with the temporally extensive area of our life
  4. Everyday life: both our own four walls and the area of psychological security.
  5. Everything that is fun: creativity, play and entertainment of all kinds. Playing with children, games of chance. The game of love (it only gets serious at position 7), hobbies.
  6. Work: the current job, the type of work, the method of working, the daily work, the content of the work, interaction with colleagues.
  7. Partnership: the relationship, the marriage, the lasting love commitment.
  8. Backgrounds: all taboos and breaking them, especially sexuality, but also occult experiences.
  9. Higher insights: broadening one’s horizons through inner and outer journeys. Views, insights and beliefs and the resulting principles and “good intentions”.
  10. Public recognition: especially professional success and professional future.
  11. Friends: friendships, ideals of friendship, group experiences and hospitality.
  12. Secret hopes and fears: desires and fears that affect one or more of the other fields of the circle.


The cards in the Astrological Circle are from The Light Seer’s Tarot.

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