Buying Your First Tarot Deck

You are about to buy your first tarot deck. Then you see that there are many different decks. It makes you dizzy. Which one should you choose now? Should you be guided by your intuition and feeling, or by your mind?

Listen to Intuition or Mind?

It’s always good to listen to your intuition, because you want to buy a deck that suits you. A pitfall here is, that you buy a deck that looks nice, but is difficult to interpret. That’s why it is important that you choose a deck that is rich in symbols and with clear illustrations. Illustrations where you can get a good idea of the scenes depicted on the cards.

Start With A Traditional Deck

It’s also convenient to buy a deck that fits the most common descriptions about tarot. Think of books, websites and other sources. A deck that doesn’t fit the most common ‘picture’ is much more difficult to interpret and can lead to frustrations. It is therefore wise to start with a more traditional deck. As you get to know the tarot better, you can always choose other, alternative tarot decks.

Which decks are best to start with?

The deck that dots to number one is the Rider Waite tarot. It’s one of the most traditional decks you can choose and perfect for beginners. The cards are full of symbols and the scenes are clearly illustrated, so you can easily form a picture.

A variation on the Rider Waite tarot, is the Radiant Rider Waite tarot deck. This one looks a lot like its classic ‘brother’, but with the difference that the images are more vividly illustrated and have a rich and deep look.
Another deck we recommend is the Robin Wood tarot deck. A deck full of elements from nature that give the cards an extra dimension. The cards are easy to read and interpret. If the Rider Waite doesn’t suit you, this is a good alternative.
Take a look at the Classic Tarot. This deck is easy to use and contains clear illustrations that are reminiscent of earlier times. The names of the cards are written on the cards, so you don’t have to look them up. It’s, as the name says, a classic deck, and it’s up to you whether this appeals to you.
If a modern deck appeals to you more, take a look at the Everyday tarot mini tarot deck. The images are based on the Rider Waite Tarot, but in limited colors and in abstract illustrations. The deck is smaller than regular decks and therefore easy to take along.
A bit more difficult to read, but appeals to many people worldwide, is The Wild Unknown tarot deck. The cards contain symbols from the animal kingdom and have a magical look. Listen carefully to your intuition whether this deck is ‘readable’ for you, or whether you start with a deck that requires less explanation.

Practical Tips
  1. On our site you will find examples of the images on the cards. This will give you an idea of the tarot deck.
  2. Then trust what your intuition tells you, but also trust your common sense. You are at the beginning of a journey and your ‘navigation’ still needs to be adjusted.
  3. So don’t make it too difficult for yourself.
  4. Ask yourself whether you want to go for a traditional deck or a modern one.
  5. Take a look at how your favorite card is pictured. Does this resonate with you?
  6. Also ask yourself what exactly you want to use the deck for. Does the deck meet this need or wish?
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