Wayhome Tarot

Wayhome Tarot is a beautifully illustrated deck of 78 cards by Autumn Whitehurst and Bakara Wintner. This magical work offers us an invitation to see joy in all the moments that make up our daily lives!

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What is so special about tarot cards?

Tarot can shed light on the deeper meaning of everything hidden beneath the surface. A tarot reading can help you make better decisions about where your life is going and what steps to take next.

The origin of tarot

The earliest known tarot decks were made around the midst of the 15’th century in Italy, in Duchy of Milan, a state in Northern Italy.

What tarotcard fits your star sign?

Have you ever heard of a tarotscope? This is the of reading someone’s horoscope, based on astrology through the lens of tarot. You can use your intuition, just like with a regular tarot reading by drawing cards for a specific zodiac sign.

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The love tarot reading

Everyone longs for closeness, comfort and emotional connection. We want to go through life together with someone. That is why tarot cards have been used so often and for such a long time.

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