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Adventure Tarot

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Adventure Tarot

Elizabeth Su

€ 24,95

Ontdek jezelf met The Adventure Tarot – een magische roadtrip van zelfontdekking, acceptatie en verbinding met prachtige illustraties en een uitgebreide gids.

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Design and Artwork

The Adventure Tarot features 78 beautifully illustrated cards by artist Jenny Chang. Each card is vibrant and engaging, capturing the essence of a magical road trip. The deck comes with a comprehensive guidebook that complements the visual artistry of the cards.

Symbolism and Themes

Inspired by a road trip, this tarot deck focuses on themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and belonging. It celebrates the Asian American experience and empowers women to embrace all aspects of themselves and the natural world.

User Experience

Designed for both beginners and seasoned practitioners, The Adventure Tarot offers a contemporary and inclusive take on traditional tarot. Its slumber party vibes and best-friend advice make it relatable and accessible to a wide audience, including outdoors lovers, crystal enthusiasts, and boba tea fans.

About the Author

Elizabeth Su, the author and creator of The Adventure Tarot, holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University. She has studied burnout and perfectionism, and her work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, POPSUGAR, and Bustle. Elizabeth's writing focuses on self-love, personal growth, and celebrating her Asian American identity. Her journey of self-discovery and reclamation of her cultural heritage is the heart of The Adventure Tarot.

  • 78 beautifully illustrated cards
  • Guidebook included
  • Dimensions: 102 x 152 mm
  • ISBN: 9781524879778
  • Inclusive and intersectional approach
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced users


ISBN 9781524879778
Auteur Elizabeth Su
Taal Engels
SKU 0980-DB600


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