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Amulet Friends Oracle Deck

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Amulet Friends Oracle Deck

€ 54,99

Het Amulet Friends Oracle Deck biedt hartverwarmende inzichten met charmante, eenvoudige illustraties.

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Design and Artwork

The Amulet Friends Oracle Deck by Holly Simple is a vibrant and colorful oracle deck inspired by the scenery and art of Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico. The deck features 72 oracle cards, each showcasing unique collages of animals and nature, reminiscent of Christian prayer cards and Buddhist deity paintings. The artwork is a fusion of soft desert hues, wild street art, and the striking beauty of sunsets, creating a visually stunning and energetically powerful deck.

Symbolism and Themes

Holly Simple has imbued the deck with themes of power, healing, high vibes, and a wide range of emotions from confidence to fear. The cards use animals as visual storytellers, reflecting Holly's personal inspiration from nature and her spirit guides. This approach makes the deck not just an oracle for divination but also a tool for exploring one's connection with nature and the deeper self.

User Experience

Printed on linen card stock and housed in a silky pouch, the cards offer a tactile and luxurious experience. The deck is accompanied by a guidebook, providing insights and interpretations of the cards. Users are drawn to the deck's playful and eclectic style, finding it a refreshing addition to their collection. The deck's larger size allows for detailed appreciation of its intricate and whimsical artwork.

About the Author

Philadelphia-based artist Holly Simple is known for her multimedia art, which ranges from hand-illustrated tarot and oracle decks to children's books, comics, and jewelry. Her signature style blends highbrow and lowbrow elements, creating unique and expressive works. Holly's commitment to creating tools for growth is evident in her carefully crafted decks, which reflect her journey and relationship with the natural world and spirituality.

  • 72-card oracle deck with vivid, collage-style artwork inspired by nature and spirituality.
  • Themes of empowerment, emotional depth, and connection with nature.
  • Includes a guidebook with interpretations and insights for each card.
  • Created by Holly Simple, a versatile artist with a distinctive, eclectic style.
  • Ideal for those seeking a colorful, expressive oracle deck for personal exploration and divination.


Taal Engels
Uitgeverij Self-Published Decks
SKU 0673-01


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