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Botanical Inspirations Deck & Book Set

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Botanical Inspirations Deck & Book Set

lynn Araujo

€ 27,95

Ontdek de geheime taal van bloemen met de Botanical Inspirations Deck & Book Set. Deze set combineert de betoverende kunst van Pierre-Joseph Redouté met de betekenisvolle bloemenboodschappen uit het Victoriaanse Engeland.

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Design and Artwork

The Botanical Inspirations Deck & Book Set, featuring the artwork of Pierre-Joseph Redouté, is a visual treat that captures the delicate beauty of flowers. Each of the 44 cards in this deck is adorned with a stunning illustration of a flower, accompanied by a thoughtful quotation reflecting its symbolic meaning. The artwork, rooted in the rich tradition of Victorian botanical illustration, brings each flower's story to life with exquisite detail and vibrant colors.

Symbolism and Themes

This deck taps into the Victorian-era Secret Language of Flowers, where blooms were used to convey specific meanings in the rituals of courtship. From the demure violet to the noble magnolia, each card in the deck encapsulates a unique story and lesson, intertwined with history, mythology, lore, and legend. The deck serves as a bridge between the natural world and the realm of human emotion and experience.

User Experience

Accompanying the deck is a 100-page guidebook by Lynn Araujo, providing deeper insights and inspirational affirmations for each card. The set also includes a fold-out guide to the Secret Language of Flowers and a drawstring organza pouch, enhancing the overall experience of discovery and reflection. This set is not only a tool for divination but also a source of daily inspiration and wisdom.

About the Authors

Lynn Araujo, a seasoned publishing professional, brings her passion for nature, gardening, and the written word to this project. Her background in linguistics and her experiences as a Fulbright scholar add depth to her narrative vignettes. Pierre-Joseph Redouté, a celebrated botanical illustrator of the 18th and 19th centuries, is renowned for his detailed and vivid depictions of flowers, making his work an integral part of this deck.

  • 44 beautifully illustrated cards featuring the artwork of Redouté
  • Each card includes a meaningful quotation about the flower
  • 100-page guidebook with affirmations and historical vignettes
  • Includes a fold-out guide to the Victorian Secret Language of Flowers
  • Drawstring organza pouch for safekeeping of the cards


Auteur lynn Araujo
Uitgeverij undefined
Taal undefined
ISBN 9781572818552
SKU 0302-967


Mijn eerste dus nu ook enige deck volledig bestaande uit bloemen. Ik heb deze speciaal aangeschaft voor pairing met Antique Anatomy Tarot, maar ik heb meerdere decks met vintage afbeeldingen waar deze goed mee samen kan. Leuk dat je hiermee ook je kennis van botanische benamingen kunt uitbreiden. Mooi deck en goede kwaliteit kaarten.

- Sigrid

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