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Chakra Meditation

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Chakra Meditation

Alberto Zanellato

€ 21,95

Breng je chakra’s in balans en bevorder welzijn met dit deck gericht op meditatie en healing.

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Design and Concept

"Chakra Meditation" by Alberto Zanellato is an innovative meditative oracle set designed to facilitate a journey of self-awareness and serenity. This set includes seven crystals and a double-sided board, each element thoughtfully selected to enhance the connection with one's chakras. The oracle merges the wisdom of the chakras with six ancient Hindu sciences, including the widely recognized practice of Yoga, and the insights of Vedic astrology. This unique combination creates a tool that is both spiritually enriching and accessible to all individuals, regardless of their experience with meditation or oracles.

Symbolism and Themes

The set's focus on the chakras aligns with the concept of energy centers within the body, each representing different aspects of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The inclusion of crystals in the set brings an additional layer of energy work, as each crystal is believed to have specific properties and vibrations that correspond to the chakras. This holistic approach is further enhanced by the integration of Vedic astrology and ancient Hindu sciences, offering a comprehensive tool for introspection and spiritual growth.

User Experience

Contained within the set are instructions that guide users on how to utilize the crystals and board effectively for meditation and self-reflection. The double-sided board serves as a visual and tactile guide, helping users to focus their intentions and energies during their meditation practice. This set is suitable for both beginners and those experienced in chakra work, offering a simple yet profound method for exploring personal wisdom and achieving a state of serenity.

About the Author

Alberto Zanellato brings a deep understanding of spiritual practices and ancient wisdom to the creation of the Chakra Meditation set. While specific details of his background in these areas are not provided, his work reflects a commitment to integrating traditional knowledge with contemporary practices for personal and spiritual development. Zanellato's approach is rooted in making complex spiritual concepts accessible and relevant to modern seekers.

  • Design Concept: Oracle set with crystals and a double-sided board for chakra meditation
  • Key Themes: Chakra wisdom, Hindu sciences, Vedic astrology
  • Target Audience: Individuals interested in meditation, chakra work, and spiritual growth
  • Special Features: Seven crystals, instructional guide, meditation board
  • Author Background: Alberto Zanellato, with an interest in spiritual practices and ancient wisdom


Auteur Alberto Zanellato
ISBN 9780738766447
Taal undefined
Uitgeverij undefined
SKU 0627-or40


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