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Cosma Visions Art Cards

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James R. Eads

€ 35,00

Ontdek de Cosma Visions Art Cards van James R. Eads. Deze prachtige kaarten verkennen thema’s van dood en het hiernamaals met betoverende kunst en goudfolie details. Perfect voor meditatie en diepe reflectie.

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Design and Artwork

The Cosma Visions Art Cards, designed by James R. Eads, feature 22 enlarged Major Arcana cards, each measuring 102x152 mm. These high-quality cards showcase vibrant, full-color images with rounded corners and a protective UV coating. The cards are double-sided with gold foil printing, including a mantra on the back, housed in a luxurious book-style box with custom interior printing and gold foil details.

Symbolism and Themes

This deck delves into themes of death and the afterlife, inspired by the concept of past lives. Each card mirrors a traditional tarot deck's Major Arcana, making it an excellent choice for those familiar with tarot but seeking a fresh perspective. The Cosma Visions Art Cards guide users through the journey of the soul, offering profound insights and reflections on existence and spirituality.

User Experience

The Cosma Visions Art Cards are designed for both beginners and experienced readers. Its unique feature of panoramic imagery aids in memorizing each card's significance by connecting individual meanings to the broader context of the suit. This deck does not include a guidebook but offers intuitive and meditative use through its striking visuals and mantras. The compact yet detailed cards make it perfect for focused meditation and deep contemplation.

About the Author

James R. Eads, the creative force behind Prisma Visions, opened his shop in 2014 in Downtown Los Angeles. Known for his visionary paintings and elegant curios, James has built a reputation for capturing surreal and otherworldly beauty. His work aims to offer others a window into his transcendent experiences, guiding them through the mysterious and mystical journey of past lives and beyond.

  • Deck Size: 102x152 mm
  • Number of Cards: 22
  • Material: High-quality, full-color images with UV coating
  • Printing: Double-sided, gold foil with mantras on the back
  • Packaging: Book-style box with custom interior printing
  • Theme: Past lives, death, and the afterlife
  • Special Feature: Panoramic imagery for enhanced memorization


Uitgeverij Self-Published Decks
Taal Engels
Auteur James R. Eads
SKU 1473-cv04


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