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Cosmic Tarot - Norbert Lösche - Packshot

Norbert Lösche

€ 24,95

Ontdek de Cosmic Tarot van Norbert Lösche, met 78 prachtig geïllustreerde kaarten vol rijke symboliek. Perfect voor alle lezers, biedt deze set diepgaande inzichten in het individu, de gemeenschap en het kosmos.

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Design and Artwork

The Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Lösche features exquisite pen and ink artwork colored with muted pastels, creating a deck full of imagery that is both appealing and accessible to all tarot readers. Each of the 78 cards, measuring 70 mm x 120 mm, showcases Lösche's intricate and detailed designs. The booklet provided offers interpretations on the individual, community, and cosmic levels, and describes several sample card layouts.

Symbolism and Themes

The Cosmic Tarot explores a profound web of visual and emotional associations, bridging the Golden Dawn system with unique astrological connections. The Major Arcana align closely with traditional symbolism but offer unique variations, like the mystic portrayal of the Hierophant and the serene depiction of the Hermit. The Minor Arcana, rich in symbolic detail, provide clear and insightful meanings that align with both the Thoth and Waite-Smith traditions. The Court cards feature portraits reminiscent of Hollywood stars, adding an elegant touch to the deck.

User Experience

The Cosmic Tarot is suitable for both beginners and experienced readers. The rich symbolism and detailed illustrations support intuitive readings, while the included guidebook by Norbert Lösche offers thorough explanations and sample layouts to enhance understanding. The deck's balance and evocative imagery make it an excellent choice for everyday use.

About the Author

Norbert Lösche, the creator and artistic designer of the Cosmic Tarot, was born in 1951 and lives in Aachen, Germany. A self-taught artist, Lösche began his professional life as a surveyor, studied the history of art, and eventually turned to painting. His interest in the esoteric led him to create the Cosmic Tarot, which perfectly expresses his artistic vision and passion for tarot.

  • 78 cards (70 mm x 120 mm)
  • Pen and ink artwork with muted pastels
  • Guidebook with interpretations and sample layouts
  • ISBN: 9780880793957
  • Weight: 308 grams
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced readers


Uitgeverij AGM-Urania
Taal Engels
Auteur Norbert Lösche
SKU 0179-23789


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